Apr 15

Trump: Send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities

The surge of illegal aliens at the border making bogus asylum claims  has overwhelmed  U.S. authorities and forced them to release these aliens into the United States. President Trump has suggested that they be placed in sanctuary cities, i.e., cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration agents to deport illegal aliens.

The leaders of some of these communities make a big point of stating that they welcome illegal immigrants. Trump’s proposal would give them what they claim to want, even though the number might be more than they can handle.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders explained the administration’s position as follows:   “We’re looking to see if there are options that make [this plan] possible and doing it in a full and thorough and extensive review. The president likes the idea and Democrats have said they want these individuals in their communities. Let’s see if it works, and everybody gets a win out of it. . . .  [T]his isn’t the ideal situation. The ideal solution is real simple for Congress particularly Democrats in Congress to sit down with the president, do their jobs and help us stop this awful crisis that’s taking place at our border.”

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