May 18

Social Security Director: Pass E-Verify

Nancy Berryhill, the acting director of Social Security, endorsed E-Verify, the system that enables businesses to check federal data bases to determine whether the people they want to hire are legally authorized to work in the United States. In testimony before Congress she stated, “Mandatory use of E-Verify by employers would help reduce the incidence of fraudulent use of [Social Security numbers].”

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May 17

American Dream Has Its Limits

More Misinformation from the Media:

Mr. Trump says he wants a “merit based” immigration system, and a few would argue with the idea that people with marketable skills should get a leg up in the process of coming to America. But what he means is that he wants to shut down two pathways by which people immigrate legally—the diversity lottery is a small program by which people from nations that have not historically been major sources for U.S. immigrants get the chance to apply to come here. We believe it has value in spreading the promise of the American Dream throughout the globe. . . .

Those crunching the numbers estimate that this policy change alone could cut the approximately 1.1 million people who come to this country legally every year by as much as half, Given the outsized role immigrants play in entrepreneurship and innovation—not to mention the vitality they bring to an aging workforce—that is a heavy price to pay for keeping America white and European as possible. – On Immigration, Trump Has Come Up with an Idea Even Worse than the Wall, The Baltimore Sun, Editorial, 1/29/18 [Link]

Fact Check: Just why should we want to offer the “American Dream” all over the world? This is utopian nonsense, with no connection at all to the real world. The human population of our planet grows by about 80 million people a year. Does anyone in his right mind believe that we can take in even a small percentage of that increase without our American Dream becoming an American Nightmare of balkanization, overcrowding, and poverty? We do the world and ourselves a favor by encouraging people to pursue their dreams where they are. A good idea is to return to the original meaning of the Statue of Liberty, which was to enlighten the world with our ideals, not invite the world to move here.

As it is, we have no need to take in 1.1 million people a year, as we have done for the past 20 years or so—the highest sustained level in our history. Constantly sustaining this surge is chain migration, which allows immigrants to bring in their immediate and extended relatives, who in turn bring in their relatives, and on and on.

Chain migration defeats diversity by limiting the stream of immigrants to the source countries of previous immigrants. Without chain migration, there would be no justification whatsoever for the diversity lottery, a program which awards entry to the U.S. on the basis of a lucky lottery draw, rather than skills our country might need. Chain migration has a similar effect, by giving higher priority to immigrants’ family connections than our country’s needs.

As a consequence, chain migration has had the effect of “importing poverty.” Immigrant households are significantly more likely to use welfare than native-born households. Contrary, to the Sun’s claim, immigrants do not play an “outsized role” in entrepreneurship and innovation. The Current Population survey of the Census Bureau reveals that immigrants and natives have about the same rate of self-employment. Furthermore, the immigrants coming in under chain migration and other current policies are not sufficiently young or fertile to prevent our society from growing older on average.

As is common with immigration advocates, the Sun’s editorialists engage in race baiting, with the claim that Trump’s proposals involve nothing more than “keeping America white.” The purpose is to hide the numerous downsides of mass immigration.

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May 16

Trump Cracks Down on Employers

The Trump Administration is cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens. It has significantly increased audits of employers and prosecutions. As the Associated Press notes, “There were 594 employers arrested on criminal immigration charges from Oct. 1 to May 4, up from 139 during the previous fiscal year, and 610 civil immigration charges in the same period, compared to 172 in the preceding 12-month period.” The administration says its goal is to create a “culture of compliance” in the workplace.


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May 15

Billionaires Push GOP for Amnesty

The billionaire Koch brothers, big donors to Republicans, are pushing Republican candidates in he mid-term elections to stress support for tax cuts and amnesty for illegal aliens. This is despite the fact that tax cuts have already passed this year and that amnesty is not popular with Republican and conservative voters.

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May 14

Ellison: No Borders

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, recently wore a t-shirt at a May Day parade which stated in Spanish: “Yo no creo en fronteras” (I don’t believe in borders). President Trump sharply criticized Ellison “as an example” of what he called the Democratic Party’s extremism on immigration.


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May 11

Republicans Push Discharge Petition

Seventeen Republican House members have signed a “discharge petition” to bring a vote on the DACA amnesty to the floor of the House. Almost all Democrats are expected to sign it. If a total of 25 Republicans sign on, the petition will pass, and a vote will take place. The bill is strictly to grant amnesty, and offers no concessions to genuine immigration reformers such as an end to chain migration or funds to build a border wall.

Without an end to chain migration, the amnestied DACA illegal aliens will be able to bring in a stream of their relatives in the future. Many Democrats favor chain migration as a means of building their party’s political clout. The Republicans supporting the discharge petition seem to think that this will help them win their up-coming mid-term elections.


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May 10

We Still Need Border Security

More Misinformation from the Media:

President Trump’s failure to secure funding for his new “beautiful” border wall has prodded him to new flights of rhetoric excess and deviation from fact. . . . In the magic kingdom of Mr. Trump’s worldview, Central Americans are flooding northward through Mexico to take advantage of DACA. . . . In truth, illegal crossing has dropped for years as Mexico’s economy has improved and the United States has beefed up the southwest frontier. . . .

While the president harps on a problem that does not exist—a weak border-he ignores a problem that does: the United States’ aging population and workforce, long-term trends that are likely to generate demand for more immigrant workers, not fewer. . . . Economists say an aging workforce erodes productivity over time, meaning it is in the United States’ interest to allow more young immigrants with their energy and ambition to invigorate the economy. – A Fact for Trump: The Border Is More Secure Than It Has Been in a Half a Century, The Editorial Board, The Washington Post, 4/3/18 [Link]

Fact Check: It is true that the flow of illegal aliens is much less now than it was about 12 years ago, but this is no cause for complacency. The decline began in earnest after 2008 when the U.S. entered its worst economic turndown since the Great Depression. The effects of that turndown continued significantly for six or so years. During that time fewer illegal aliens came because there were a lot less job opportunities to draw them. Also, the election of President Trump signaled that the U.S. was going to take a lot stronger stance against illegal immigration.

This Trump deterrent lasted for about a year, but it seems to have worn off. Although his administration has steeped up some enforcement, it has failed to keep its promise to begin constructing a border wall, expand detention space for apprehended illegal aliens, and other measures necessary for effective border control. Also, during the past several years, the economy has picked up again, and unemployment has declined.

With these developments it is not surprising that illegal immigration is now edging upward again. Not nearly as many Mexicans are crossing as in the past, but Central Americans are replacing them. It is not certain, however, that Mexico won’t become a major source of illegal migration again. That country now seems to have two potentials. One is to continue the economic and social progress it has achieved in recent years. The other is to let its drug cartels get completely out of control and end up as a failed state. If the latter happens, we can expect a new Mexican surge across the border. With an uncertain future ahead, a secure border is a good investment.

The claim that immigration will significantly lower our average is a vain hope. Even with our current level of mass immigration, there aren’t enough young fertile immigrants to keep us from aging as a society. To illustrate, 66.6 percent of our population is now of working age. If immigration were to stop completely, that working age percentage would decline to 59.2 percent by the year 2050. If current immigration continues, it would only be 60.3 percent.

As time goes on machines and computers will be doing many of the jobs that people do now. As a consequence, we won’t need the large numbers of foreign workers that immigration advocates claim that we will require. As that future unfolds, we may be challenged just to provide decent employment for our own citizens.

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May 09

DHS Ends TPS for Hondurans

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) granted to Hondurans in the United States. This status allows foreigners to stay in the U.S. if their countries have suffered natural disasters or some other calamity. They are supposed to go home after conditions improve. The Hondurans received TPS in 1999 after a hurricane struck their country.

Critics of TPS it is anything but temporary, and point to the fact Honduras recovered from the hurricane quite some time before now.

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May 08

Poll: Americans Want Less Immigration

A survey by The Polling Company Inc. found that most Americans want less immigration. People surveyed were told that the U.S. now admits one million legal immigrants  a year, and were given six options as to how many they thought should be admitted. The largest percentage (49 percent) chose 250,000 or less. Only 17 percent supported the current level or more.

By a margin of 63 percent to 20 percent, respondents opposed an amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category unless there were substantial cuts in legal immigration and the requirement that businesses use the E-Verify system to determine if the workers they hire are legal residents.

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May 07

Orban Pushes Amendment

With his party now holding two-thirds of the Hungarian parliament, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban is pushing for a constitutional amendment to limit immigration. The amendment would prevent enactment of policies by the European Union that would change the religious and ethnic makeup of Hungary.

Said Orban, “We will defend [our] Christian culture, and we will not give the country to foreigners. I feel obliged to implement this constitutional amendment now.” The Prime Minister also accused billionaire currency speculator George Soros of being a major force to erase European identity with mass migration. “George Soros,” said Orban, “has an army of shadows working in Hungary. We want to unmask it. We want to show that migration is not a human rights issue, but a national security issue.”


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