Jan 23

Senate Democrats Yield on Shutdown

Senate Democrats on Monday gave up on their effort to force passage of an amnesty for “Dreamer” illegal aliens by refusing to authorize spending to prevent a partial shutdown keep the federal government. Thirty-three Senate Democrats voted for the spending authorization despite the wishes of illegal alien advocates in their party.

The failure to pass the amnesty was a victory for the Trump Administration. It may force the Democrats to make significant concessions, such as cutting chain migration, if they want to pass a DACA amnesty.

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Jan 22

More Dreamers Than DACA

Parts of the federal government are now shut down because Democrats are demanding an amnesty for illegal aliens. Those who would benefit are often described as either DACA recipients or “Dreamers.” Both are defined as people who came came here illegally before their 18th birthday. But the two groups are not the same at all in terms of numbers. According to one estimate the total of “Dreamers” may be as high as 3.6 million. The DACA recipients are “Dreamers” who applied for amnesty under the program established by former President Obama. They total around 690,000.

Immigration control advocates have expressed willingness to allow amnesty for DACA recipients in exchange for an end to chain migration and the visa lottery, as well as steps to increase immigration law enforcement. Many amnesty supporters, however, want legalization for all “Dreamers.” An amnesty for 3.6 million illegal aliens would be the largest amnesty in our history.

The largest one so far was the legalization of 2.7 million illegal illegal aliens in 1986. Its proponents promised that amnesty would never happen again after that.

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Jan 19

‘Schumer Shutdown’ Looms

Today (January 19th) is the deadline for Congress to pass a spending bill to prevent a shutdown of certain government operations. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) refuses to let a bill pass unless it provides an amnesty for illegal aliens in the “dreamer” category. Schumer and other Democrats refuse to make any significant concessions to enhance immigration law enforcement and reform legal immigration.  Critics are calling the impending cut-off of government services the “Schumer Shutdown.”

One explanation for the Democrats’ commitment to amnesty for dreamers is a memo co-authored by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri. It states that amnesty for dreamers is a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

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Jan 18

What Trump Said and Didn’t Say

More Misinformation from the Media:

Long before Donald Trump referred to African nations as “s-hole countries” last week [at a White House meeting], he was well known to use bigoted language about immigrants who come from places he’d prefer they didn’t.

During his election campaign, he made sweeping generalization about Mexicans being rapists and bringers of crime, and tarred all Muslims as potential terrorists.

As president, he reportedly said Haitian immigrants “all have AIDs” and those from Nigeria would “never go back to their huts” (the White House denies he used those words). . . . Mr. Trump clearly views non-white people through a bigotted lens. His statement last week that he would prefer it if the U.S. brought in more immigrants from places like Norway, combined with the s-hole comment, are just two more nails in the coffin of his irrelevant claim that he is the “least racist that you’ll ever meet.”. . .

Mr. Trump has nothing more than his racist views to guide him as he as he tries to reform U.S immigration. – Globe Editorial: For Donald Trump, Immigration Is All About Race, The Globe and Mail, 1/16/18. [Link] [Ediitor’s Note: The Globe and Mail is a Canadian paper, but its commentary on U.S. issues makes it suitable for review and rebuttal.]

Fact Check: It is by no means proven that president used the vulgar term attributed to him. The president denied that he used it, as well as others present. They include Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-GA). The individual most strongly making the charge against Trump was Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)—who on at least one occasion in the past inaccurately reported on what was said at a White House meeting.

During the election campaign President Trump did not make a “sweeping generalization” that Mexicans were rapists. What he did was counter the sweeping generalization of the media that illegal aliens from Mexico are all wonderful, hard-working people. His point was that some among them are criminals who do harm to American citizens. And he never “tarred all Muslims as potential terrorists.”

The editorialists then go on to cite alleged quotes from Trump, which they admit are disputed. The purpose is to create a negative impression of the president—and they don’t really seem to care if firm documentation of those quotes isn’t available. This tactic falls far from the mark of responsible journalism.

Trump apparently did say that some countries are better sources of immigrants than others. And who can honestly deny this point? Terms like “s-hole” are inappropriate, but it is perfectly true to say that some countries are basically dysfunctional. To a large extent, they are that way because they have dysfunctional cultures. Large-scale immigration from those places presents a greater challenge to assimilation to our culture than immigration from other places.

The president suggested Norway as a country which might be preferred for immigrants. Immediately his critics, including the Globe and Mail editorialists, seized this statement as proof of Trump’s “bigotry”—presumably because Norway is a white country. More likely, though, the president was thinking of Norway because shortly before the White House meeting in question he had had a meeting with the Norwegian prime minister. Trump’s point was Norway’s success, not its race. Accusations of “racism” are the default position of mass immigration advocates in and out of the media. It reflects their lack of any substantial arguments.

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Jan 17

Shutdown Threatened Over Amnesty

Sen. Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) says that he and his party will shut down the government by refusing to pass a spending bill if they do not get an amnesty for illegal alien “Dreamers.” As many as two million of these illegal aliens would receive the proposed legalization, one that would grant them a pathway to citizenship. In exchange for the amnesty, immigration control advocates would get, in the words of The Washington Times, “a small part of Mr. Trump’s border wall and tweaks to other immigration policy.”

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Jan 16

CEOs Support Amnesty

More than 100 CEOs of U.S. companies have urged Congress to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category. In a letter to House and Senate leaders, the CEOs stated that failure to legislate this amnesty would “[create] an impending crisis for workforces across the country.” Critics charge that the “crisis” they far is less access to cheap labor.

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Jan 15

ICE Steps Up Business Inspections

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is stepping up inspections of businesses suspected of hiring illegal aliens. The agency recently targeted 100 stores around the country.  Top ICE official Derek Benner said that the inspections will continue and will increase. He added that “It’s not going to be limited to big companies or any particular industry. ” The Trump Administration’s expansion of immigration law enforcement has increased deportation arrests by 40 percent.

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Jan 12

Non-Citizens Commit More Federal Crimes

A study by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found that non-citizens (legal and illegal immigrants) are proportionately more likely to commit federal crimes than native-born Americans. Non-citizen adults are 8.6 percent of the U.S. population, but they are 21 percent of the total of the people convicted for non-immigration crimes.

The author of the study, Steve Camarota,  notes that most crimes are committed at the state and local levels, but it is hard to obtain good data at those levels on the participation on non-citizens. In any case, says Camarota, federal law enforcement is “still enormous.”

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Jan 11

What’s Wrong with Enforcement?

More Misinformation from the Media:

Is this what immigration enforcement looks like? A dozen workers waiting on the side of the road to be hauled off to who-knows where, while police crack jokes at their expense?

Earlier this year, a Maine State Police trooper pulled over a van alongside Interstate 295. Suspecting the occupants were in the country illegally, the trooper called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, then waited along with another trooper for ICE to arrive. In the end, the driver and one of the passengers were arrested, and it appears some of the other passengers were detained by federal agents. The stop took two hours . . . .

These were workers not criminals, presumably valued by their employer. They are thousands of miles from home, because this is where the opportunity is, and because the United States for decades has welcomed the contributions of undocumented workers but not provided them a reasonable path to  citizenship. Now after a sudden shift in policy by a scapegoating president, their lives can change forever because of a traffic stop, whisked away by federal agents and given few rights. — Our View: Immigration Policy Takes a Turn for the Worse, The Editorial Board, Portland Press Herald (ME), 12/22/17 [Link]

Fact Check: If this is what immigration law enforcement is like, what’s wrong with it? Why should the editorialists of the Press Herald object to the laws of our country being enforced? Evidently they don’t believe that immigration laws are legitimate, as evidenced by their claim that the illegal aliens arrested were “not criminals.” It may be that they have violated civil rather than criminal statues, but they are still lawbreakers (and therefore criminals). The penalty for their crime is deportation.

The editorialists say that “we” welcomed “undocumented workers.” And just who is this “we?” Certainly it isn’t most Americans, particularly those who have had to compete with them for jobs. Who are they then? Prominent among them are businessmen seeking cheap labor, politicians seeking cheap votes, and journalists seeking to serve one or both of these selfish interest groups.

Even more outrageous is the claim that people who are in our country illegally are somehow entitled to “a reasonable path to citizenship.” If the Press Herald editorialists believe that citizenship should be a reward for lawbreaking, they have a very low view of the significance and meaning of our citizenship.

It would be nice if these editorialists, and many other apologists for illegal immigration, could be more honest about what they believe. As they apparently believe that our immigration laws and citizenship are unimportant, it is reasonable to conclude they don’t think our country is very significant either—that it is just a territory without any form or character where anyone can come and go for any reason. They won’t make a statement so blunt because they know it would spark outrage from genuine Americans.


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Jan 10

Will Trump Fold on Immigration?

Supporters of genuine immigration reform were disturbed by his recent statement that there might be a two-phased immigration agreement. He seemed to suggest that an amnesty for the DACA illegal aliens could pass first and then reforms such as ending chain migration and building a border wall.

The obvious problem with such an approach is that if the amnesty passes, reformers will lose any leverage to get the reforms they want. The outcome would be a repeat of the 1986 immigration bill. That legislation granted amnesty to three million illegal aliens, but once the amnesty advocates got what they wanted they did not carry out their promises to beef up immigration law enforcement.

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