Jun 21

Immigrants Take Jobs from U.S. Teens

In the summer of 1978 60 percent of U.S. teenagers were either employed or seeking employment. Last summer the percentage was 35 percent. One reason for the decline is immigration. A study by the Federal Reserve’s board of governors stated that “the increase in population of less educated immigrants has had a considerably more negative effect on employment outcomes of for native youth than for natives adults.” Studies have shown that teen employment greatly contributes to successful adult employment.

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Jun 21

Europe’s Elites Seem Determined to Commit Suicide by ‘Diversity’

Douglas Murray, in an opinion piece in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal, looks at the suicidal open borders policies of European elites.  Some excerpts:

Why did Europe decide it could take in the poor and dispossessed of the world?  Why did we decide that anybody in the world fleeing war, or just seeking a better life, could come to Europe and call it home?

Over recent decades Europe has made a hasty effort to redefine itself.  As the world came in, we became wedded to “diversity.” As terrorism grew and more migrants arrived, public opinion in Europe began to harden.  Today “more diversity” remains the cry of the elites, who insist that if the public doesn’t like it yet, it is because they haven’t had enough of it.

The migration policies of the political and other elites of Europe suggest that they are suicidal.  The interesting thing to watch in the years ahead will be whether the publics join them in their pact.  I wouldn’t bet on it.

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Jun 20

EU Tries to Force Migration

The European Union is trying to force three member states in Eastern Europe, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, to accept quotas of migrants, many them Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. The countries say they will not comply with this demand, even if they face EU sanctions. Victor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, stated that “We will not give in to black mail from Brussels. We reject the relocation quota.”

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Jun 19

Camp of the Saints — lOO Million Africans Could Head to Europe

German Development Minister Gerd Muller warned Sunday that up to 100 million Africans could head north as economic and climate refugees.  The German government’s answer to this existential threat is spending more money fighting global warming and massive investments in Africa.

“If we continue as before, people in many parts of Africa have no other choice than to get to us,” Muller told German tabloid Bild am Sonntag.  “If we do not manage to limit global warming to two degrees, up to 100 million people will move north in the future.”

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Jun 16

Acosta Promises Crackdown on Visa Fraud

Department of Labor Alexander Acosta has promised a a crackdown on fraud in the H programs for visas. These include H-1B (skilled visas), H-2A (farm workers), and H-2B (non-farm, non-skilled workers). In a press release he stated, “We will enforce vigorously those laws, including heightened use of criminal referrals.”

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Jun 15

Labor Shortage Claim Ignores Automation

More Misinformation from the Media:

The New American Economy, a coalition of political and business leaders from across the U.S., supports secure borders and a reduction in illegal immigration. . . . It also supports creating a path for undocumented [i.e. illegal], pay taxes, and learn English to achieve legal status. . . . The anti-immigration camp argues that the country has gone through immigration “on” periods followed by long immigration “off” periods, and that the time has come to “turn off” immigration. But what would an immigration off period mean for faster economic growth. . . . Without immigration, the country moves down the path of demographic stagnation that has plagued Japan’s economy. . . .” – How Immigrants Are Vital to the Colorado and U.S. Economy, The Denver Post, Aldo Svaldi, 3/17/17 [Link]

Fact Check:  The Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE), to which this article evidently refers, is a propaganda arm for business interests seeking cheap labor. [Links here and here] One of its co-chairmen is Robert Iger CEO of Disney, a company that has become notorious for firing its American workers and replacing them with cheaper foreigners—all the while claiming that we have a shortage of U.S. workers. PNAE was one of the leading proponents of the unsuccessful “gang of eight” immigration legislation of 2013, which would have granted amnesty to most illegal aliens and substantially increased legal immigration.

Svaldi claims that PNAE wants to reduce illegal immigration, yet supports a proposal to reward illegal aliens with legal status and eventual American citizenship. Rewarding a behavior is a strange way of trying to discourage it.

The author further maintains that we should never hit the immigration “off” button, as we have done in the past, and allow mass immigration—now at the highest sustained level in our history—to go on and on, presumably forever. The alternative, he says, is becoming like Japan.

Admittedly Japan has some problems, but it is hardly an economic basket case. By most reckonings it has one of the leading economies in the world—which is a great accomplishment for a relatively small country with few natural resources. Japan is meeting the challenges of a low birth rate with an ongoing effort to employ computers, machines, and robots to perform essential jobs and help sustain the economy.

Living in a very crowded land, the Japanese decided that they wanted a means to maintain prosperity without endless population growth. They also observed the dubious benefits of the diversity that immigration has brought to Europe and the United States and wisely decided that wanted no part of it.

Automation is also coming to America, and in a very big way in the near future. A study at Oxford University published in 2013 concluded that almost half of the jobs now done by humans in the U.S. will be automated within twenty years. With this prospect so near at hand, it is patently absurd to claim that non-stop massive immigration is necessary to provide us needed workers.


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Jun 14

ICE Chief Says Illegals SHOULD Live in Fear of Deportation

Thomas D. Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said anyone in the country without authorization can be arrested and those who have been ordered deported by judges must be removed if laws are to have meaning.  Democrats in Congress and alien advocacy groups expressed outrage at Mr. Homan’s statements.

“If you’re in this country illegally and you committed a crime by being in this country, you should be uncomfortable, you should look over your shoulder.  You need to be worried,” said Homan.

Homan’s testimony to the House Appropriations Committee marked a major shift for an agency that President Obama forbade from enforcing the law when it concerned more then 9 million illegals.  The Trump administration is asking for significant boosts in spending for both border and interior enforcement, but is meeting strong resistance from Democrats who oppose enforcing the law.  “Democrats will not accept a penny of funding for a new deportation force or a border wall,” said Rep. Nita M. Lowery of New York, the ranking Democrat on the committee.

He said the number of nations refusing to take back their deportees has been cut in half, while the number of jurisdictions looking to have their police and deputy sheriffs trained to process illegals in their jails has nearly doubled and will likely triple by the end of the year.  In addition, some 400,000 illegals ordered removed by judges but allowed to run free by the Obama administration are now on the list of enforcement priorities.

Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland Democrat, told Mr. Homan that illegals convicted of drunk driving should not be deported because they were “not really considered to be the type of people that are hurting our country.”  Mr. Homan replied that drunk driving sounds like a public safety risk.  “They should be removed,” he said.

Frank Sherry, executive director of the pro-alien America’s Voice, called Homan’s testimony “extremist.”

Homan pushed back against the leftist criticism.  He noted that his agents are enforcing the laws as written and that no other branch of law enforcement faces the abusive questions his employees do.

He said the illegals deserve the blame for “separating families.”  When a U.S. citizen commits a crime and goes to jail, he said, the police who catch him are not blamed for keeping him from his family.

Read more here:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/13/thomas-homan-ice-chief-says-illegal-immigrants-sho/


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Jun 13

Kelley Proposes Permanent Amnesty

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelley called on Congress to grant amnesty as permanent legal status to 780,000 illegal aliens in the so-called Dreamer category. Currently they enjoy an amnesty giving them temporary renewable legal status.

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Jun 12

DACA Still Takes New Applicants

During the presidential campaign President Trump promised to end the DACA amnesty for illegal aliens who accompanied their parents to the U.S. He rightly pointed out that this measure was unconstitutional as it came about through presidential decree under President Obama rather than the proper channel of congressional legislation. But President Trump as allowed the program to continue–and to keep accepting new applicants.

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Jun 12

Illegal Immigration Increases in May

Illegal immigration across the southwest border appears to have jumped 27% in May, according to numbers released this week by the Department of Homeland Security, ending a three-month streak of declines under President Trump.

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