Aug 03

Media Hide Khan Background

Khir Khan drew great attention at the Democratic convention by speaking against proposals to limit Muslim immigration to the U.S. He stirred great emotion by referencing the death of his serviceman son in Iraq. In reporting on Khan, the media generally failed to reveal that Khan is an immigration lawyer who makes money helping Muslim immigrants come to the U.S. In what appeared to be an effort to conceal this association, he deleted his firm’s website from the Internet.


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Aug 02

German Patriots Protest Merkel

As many as 10,000 patriotic Germans gathered in Berlin to protest the immigration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and call for her resignation. Despite terrorist attacks in Germany and many crimes by recent migrants, Merkel adamantly refuses to change her commitment to massive migration.


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Aug 01

Poll: Americans Want Less Immigration

A poll conducted by Gravis Marketing in conjunction with Breitbart News Network found that 63 percent of voters think that immigration should be reduced, as opposed to only 11 percent who think it should increase.



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Jul 29

Dems Go All-In for Open Borders

The first night of the Democratic National Convention highlighted illegal aliens (“immigrants” or “New Americans” in Dem-speak) who addressed the crowd in Spanish. Pandering to Hispanic pressure groups, the party platform dropped the requirement contained in the 2012 party platform that illegals promised amnesty learn English.

As Julia Hahn points out in a Breitbart post Thursday, there is a stark contrast between the Democrat and Trump GOP positions on immigration: “For instance, while the DNC featured illegal immigrants who addressed the crowd in Spanish, Trump’s RNC featured American citizens whose children had been murdered and whose families had been torn apart forever by open borders.”

Trump has described the difference between his views and Clinton’s as “a mainstream immigration policy designed to benefit America, or Hillary Clinton’s radical immigration policy designed to benefit politically-correct special interests.”

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Posted 7/29/16 by George Palmer

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Jul 28

Border Patrol Union: Hillary’s Amnesty Plan Endangers USA

The National Border Patrol Council Thursday warned that Hillary Clinton’s open borders/amnesty plans would aid Islamic terrorists and drug cartels invading America.  In a statement issued before Clinton gives her acceptance speech tonight, the 16,500-member council, which has endorsed Donald Trump, said: “Clinton’s call for amnesty in her first 100 days and expanding these dangerous [Obama] policies demonstrates her deeply alarming willingness to sell out the security of American families to advance her political or financial interests.”

The statement said that the influx of illegals was already growing, lured by Clinton’s promise of a mass amnesty.

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Posted 7/28/16 by George Palmer

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Jul 28

Here Aren’t the Facts

More Misinformation from the Media:

“Trump is wrong to use a young woman’s tragic death to criticize sanctuary-city policies. New immigrants, including illegal immigrants, are less likely to commit a violent or property crimes than U.S. citizens, and there’s little evidence that crime rates are higher in sanctuary cities than in non-sanctuary cities. . . .

“Trump seized another political opportunity in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris by declaring that he’d put a halt to all Muslim immigration ‘until we figure out what’s going on.’

“Refugees in general, and Syrian refugees in particular, already among the most intensely scrutinized immigrants to enter the U.S. . . . [T]he fact is that terrorist attacks in the U.S. by and large have been carried out not by refugees but by people here on student visas or naturalized American citizens.

“[We are] a country that relies on immigrants to maintain a vibrant, dynamic economy, and a healthy voting populace that can act as a bulwark against the rise of authoritarian strong men. . . .” – Donald Trump Is Wrong on Immigration . . . Here Are the Facts,, Zach Weissemueller, 3/6/16

Fact Check: It is common in the media to claim that illegal aliens commit less violent crimes than citizens. But after extensive research on the issue, columnist Ann Coulter maintains that the issue is not clear cut. Good overall statistics aren’t readily available, she speculates, because the media and other powers-that-be fear what they might reveal. She affirms, however, that evidence from a number of sources suggests that violent crime by illegal aliens is a significant problem.

In any case, all illegal immigrants are lawbreakers, and their crimes are not victimless. They take jobs and public funding that properly belong to American citizens. They use fake identification, sometimes stolen from citizens, and they practice tax evasion and fraud.

Crime rates in cities are the result of many complex factors, only one of which is the presence of illegal aliens. Therefore, comparing crime rates between sanctuary and non-sanctuary cities does not prove anything definitive about illegal alien crime. The problem with sanctuary cities is that they refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and thereby impede the deportation of identified illegal alien criminals. Can anyone deny that this practice makes our streets less safe?  

The author may think that Syrian refugees are adequately “scrutinized,” but one who disagrees is FBI Director James Comey. He testified before Congress that warfare in Syria has destroyed the data bases needed to do background checks on people. Thus it is impossible to have adequate vetting of refugees. Whether terrorists are refugees or some other category of immigrant is secondary to the fact that many are Muslim. This is the point Trump is making.

And just why do we need endless mass immigration “to maintain a vibrant, dynamic economy?” The economy we had in 1965, when mass immigration began, was more vibrant and dynamic than the one we have today with its shrinking middle class and stagnant wage levels.

As for immigration protecting us from oppressive government, it’s hard to imagine a more preposterous view. Most immigrants today come from Third World countries with authoritarian traditions, and often they bring those views with them. To illustrate, Hispanics comprise the largest ethnic and cultural bloc of immigrants. They strongly favor “Big Government” which can tend toward authoritarianism and restrict freedom. Furthermore, the multiculturalism promoted by mass immigration weakens national unity and increases the likelihood that power seekers will use the fractured state of our society as an excuse to step in and impose their rule.

The article claims to offer the facts. What it actually delivers is mainly half-truths and pure falsehoods.                   


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Jul 27

EU Chief: Mass Migration No Matter What

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the executive branch of the European Union, says that rising problems with terrorism and immigration should not deter the EU’s commitment to open borders and acceptance of migration from outside Europe.


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Jul 26

Kaine Promises Amnesty Legislation

Vice-presidential Democratic candidate Tim Kaine told the Spanish-language network Telemundo promised that a Clinton administration would push legislation within “the first 100 days” to give amnesty to illegal aliens. He predicted that Republican House Speaker Paul D. Ryan would assist the Democrats in this task.


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Jul 25

Few Syrian Refugees Are Christian

Very few Syrian refugees to the U,S. are Christian, despite the Muslim persecution on Christians in Syria. reports that “Of the 6,726 total Syrian refugee arrivals since the beginning of FY 2016, 6,625 (98.4 percent) were [Sunni Muslims] and 23 (0.3 percent) were Christians – including 15 described simply as ‘Christian,’ five Catholics, two Orthodox and one Greek Orthodox adherent.”


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Jul 22

Trump Calls for Immigration Reform

In his address to the Republican convention, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump affirmed the need to crack down on illegal immigration. He also pointed out the negative effects of excessive legal immigration, by noting that “Decades of record immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment.”

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