Jan 06

Barletta Offers Bill to Defund Sanctuary Cities

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) has proposed legislation, H.R. 83, to  sanctuary cities, i.e., cities that refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement to deport illegal aliens. He stated that “One of the principal duties of the government is to protect its citizens, and the idea of sanctuary cities runs completely counter to that responsibility. Too many mayors and local governments think that they are above federal law and place their own ideology ahead of the safety of their residents. This bill will stop that practice by saying to these sanctuary cities, ‘If you refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement, you will lose your federal funding.’”

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Jan 05

Follow California? Really?

More Misinformation from the Media:

Donald Trump’s appeal in northern industrial states was an economic message of bringing growth to stagnant communities. He also won in part with a tough line on immigration. Newly released Census data indicate that when it comes to making policy, he’ll have to choose between those agendas. . . . The Midwest will never have California’s weather, but at this juncture the only solution to the region’s demographic hole would be a California-like attitude toward immigrants. . . . – Immigration is the Only Hope for States That Helped Trump, Connor Sen, Bloomberg.com, 12/28/16.

Fact Check: The thrust of this article is that the industrial states that voted for Trump will not prosper unless we have mass immigration to boost the growth of their populations. This notion of prosperity always requiring population growth is common among immigration enthusiasts—even though there are significant reasons to doubt it. The enthusiasts also claim that immigrants are better than native-born Americans when it comes to creating a prosperous economy, another dubious proposition.

The solution proposed by the Bloomberg article is following the example of California. And indeed that state is the state to follow if what the enthusiasts say is true. When mass immigration started to take off in 1970, California’s population was 20 million. Today it has doubled to approximately forty million, with much of the increase coming from immigrants and their descendants. California, among all the states, has both the highest number of immigrants and the highest percentage of immigrants out of its total population.

That being the case—once again if the enthusiasts are right—we would expect California to be the leader of national prosperity. Well, that’s not exactly how it worked out. Before mass immigration California was indeed at the head of the pack. Its vibrant economy offered abundant middle-class jobs, and the state and local governments were fiscally sound. California then had lots of open spaces a pleasant “laid back” lifestyle.   

All that has changed with mass immigration, and certainly not for the better. With the exception of Silicon Valley, California is no longer a land of opportunity, at least not for Americans. More and more it is taking on the characteristics of Third World societies—where most immigrants came from. The salient characteristic of the Third World is a sharp division between a small economic elite at the top and masses of poor and near-poor at the bottom. This is precisely what is happening in California, as Californians accustomed to a middle-class lifestyle have fled the state in droves. Also they left to escape the stress brought on by multiculturalism and hyper-diversity as well as the stress of crowding and congestion brought about by bourgeoning population growth.

If the industrial states need more population for workers, employers can raise wages to attract them from other parts of the country. And probably many jobs can be filled by automation, which promises in the near future to replace a large share of human workers. In the meantime, the last option the industrial states need to consider is “California-like” immigration.   


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Jan 05

Sheriff: Let Inmates Help Build Trump Wall

A Massachusetts sheriff wants to offer his jail inmates a deal: Do community service by volunteering to go build the Trump border wall.  Bristol County Sheriff  Thomas M. Hodgson detailed the offer on Wednesday.  He hopes President-elect Trump will take him up on the plan, which he said would pay dividends for the country and the inmates.

“I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall,” Sheriff Hodgson said.  “Aside from learning and perfecting construction skills, the symbolism of these inmates building a wall to prevent crime in communities around the country, and to preserve jobs and work opportunities for them and other Americans upon release, can be very powerful.”

It was a bold statement at a time when many other local officials are moving in the opposite direction, promising to protect illegal aliens and fight Trump’s efforts to enforce immigration laws.

Read more here:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jan/4/sheriff-thomas-hodgson-offers-inmates-community-se/

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Jan 04

Trump Urged to Pick Kobach as ‘Czar’

Immigration control activists are urging President-elect Trump to appoint Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as immigration “czar.” In that position he would be able to influence immigration policy through many federal agencies. Kobach has an outstanding record as an advocate of effective enforcement against illegal immigration. The appointment of an immigration czar would not require Senate confirmation.

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Jan 03

Mayors Urge Protections for Illegal Aliens

The leaders of 30 “sanctuary cities” have signed a letter to President Obama asking him to increase protections for illegal aliens during the time he has left in office. A sanctuary city is once which refuses to cooperate with the federal government to deport illegal aliens. Signers of the letter include the following mayors: Bill de Blasio of New York City, Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, and Jim Kenney of Philadelphia.

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Jan 02

DELUSIONAL? Merkel Claims Open-Door ‘Compassion’ Will Defeat Terrorism

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s New Year address defended her open-door mass migration policy which has brought Muslim terrorists to her nation, saying that her government would win the fight against terrorism with compassion.  She said the recent Muslim terror attacks were not attacks on Western civilization but attacks on “refugees” and Germany’s “welcome culture.”

Merkel asserted “confidence” for 2017 and that Germans needed “openness” and “an open view of the world.”  Merkel has in the past referred to the Muslim migrants as Germany’s “chance of tomorrow.”

Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/12/31/merkel-new-year-speech-migrant-policy-terrorism-compassion/

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Jan 01

Will Trump End Sanctuary Cities?

January 1, 2017

Can the incoming Trump administration put an end to so-called “sanctuary cities”?

A major legal fight is brewing that will ultimately decide whether cities run by left-wing Democrats can continue to protect illegal aliens from deportation by federal immigration authorities.

Following the presidential election, the Democrat mayors of many big cities across the country publicly vowed to do all they can to protect illegal aliens, even ones arrested for crimes, from deportation by the new administration of President-elect Donald Trump.  If Trump keeps his campaign promises, the mayors’ decisions to defy federal immigration law could prove costly.

Associated Press reported that the big city mayors who plan to continue providing sanctuary to illegal aliens include some of the biggest names in Democrat politics, such as Jim Kenney of Philadephia, Bill de Blasio of New York, Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, Ed Lee of San Francisco, and Jorge Elorza of Providence, Rhode Island.  Those mayors, and others with similar political sympathies throughout the country, have ordered their local police as well as other city employees, to refuse cooperation with federal immigration authorities.  In some cities, the police are even forbidden from asking anyone they encounter about their immigration status.

That practice means that even when an illegal alien is released from local police custody after commiting a crime, federal immigration authorities who would normally schedule the alien for deportation, are not notified.

The practice has sometimes resulted in tragedy. Kate Steinle, 31, was shot and killed by a freed illegal alien, a career drug felon, who after finishing a 46 month sentence, was released by San Francisco law enforcement into the U.S. population despite a request by federal authorities to hold him for deportation.

During his campaign, Donald Trump pledged to end sanctuary cities, saying “those who refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars.”

If he keeps his word, Trump will be able cut off millions in federal funding to sanctuary cities, according to Rep. John Culbertson, R-TX.

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Dec 30

GOP Senators Seek to Sabotage Trump

Several Republican senators who are long-time supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens are seeking to undermine President-elect Trump’s plan to crack down of illegal immigration. They include Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

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Dec 29

NPR Hypes ‘Worker Shortage’

More Misinformation from the Media:

President-elect Donald Trump says he will double the nation’s growth rate during his time in office. That promise will be difficult to keep. . . . But right now, getting more people into the labor force is a challenge. For one thing, it means fighting a demographic tide. “We have a huge wave of baby-boom era people retiring,“ says Robert J. Gordon, an economist at Northwestern University. . . . “Right now, we’ve got a shortage of construction workers. We’ve got a shortage of long-distance truck drivers. We got a shortage of many kinds of skilled workers. . . .” Gordon says bringing immigrants into the workforce is the best way to deal with this mass retirement of baby boomers. But, Gordon points out, Trump says he will deport millions of immigrants. – Trump’s Immigration Plan Could Undermine Promise to Boost Economy, NPR, John Ydstie, 12/20/16.

Fact Check:  Here again is the old “worker shortage” line that mass immigration promoters so  tirelessly repeat. By doing so they ignore that America has a huge number of unemployed and semi-employed workers—a total significantly more than twice the official unemployment figure. A low-wage economy—one result of mass immigration—burdens American workers and causes many to drop out of the workforce altogether. This is particularly the case with blue collar occupations such as construction, where wages have declined since large numbers of illegal aliens entered that field, and in many instances displaced American workers.

Skilled Americans also face displacement and wage depression due to foreign workers. This is particularly true in tech fields where companies have recruited large numbers of foreign workers in order to pay lower wages than they would to Americans. The companies claim they can’t find qualified Americans for the jobs—a claim belied by the fact that a majority of Americans with degrees in tech and related fields don’t have jobs in those occupations.

If American employers need more workers, they should follow the principles of free enterprise and raise wages to attract sufficient numbers of American workers. Instead, they prefer to the policy of government intervention called mass immigration to ensure a steady supply of cheap labor.      

The large-scale retirement of older Americans may not be as large as Gordon envisions because many American seniors—in our present economic environment have no choice but to keep on working. In 2000, 13 percent of Americans of retirement age were employed. Today the total is nearly 20 percent. They, as other Americans, must compete with foreign workers.

Aside from the basic adequacy of an American workforce, another reason to dismiss the labor shortage pleading is that our economy now stands on the threshold of large-scale automation. Studies now predict that within twenty years or less as many as half of existing jobs may be done by robots and computers. The NPT article mentions a need for long-distance truck drivers. That need might well be met by driverless vehicles.      

Rather than facing a worker shortage in the near future, we may face a challenge of how to employ just our native-born workers.   

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Dec 28

Hungarian Leader: Migration a ‘Danger’ to Europe

Hungary’s foreign minister Peter Szijarto affirmed that “In our opinion, illegal migration is bad and dangerous for Europe. That is why we need to protect our borders. . . . We must stop encouraging immigration and finally abolish the forced immigration quota, which violates European rules.”

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