Feb 23

USCIS Changes Mission Statement

The government’s immigration agency, the USCIS, has changed its mission statement from what it was under the Obama Administration. The new statement gives priority to the interests of the nation and its citizens.

The new statement: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services administers the nation’s lawful immigration system, safeguarding its integrity and promise by efficiently and fairly adjudicating requests for immigration benefits while protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values.

The previous statement: USCIS secures America’s promise as a nation of immigrants by providing accurate and useful information to our customers, granting immigration and citizenship benefits, promoting awareness and understanding of citizenship, and ensuring the integrity of our immigration system.

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Feb 22

Post Columnist Does Race-Baiting

More Misinformation from the Media:

The efforts by President Trump to keep America white are getting increasingly dark. . . . The dispute is really about the Trump proposal to reign in legal immigration by undoing the family-based approach that has always been at the heart of U.S. immigration. Though details aren’t yet known, estimates are that the legislation would cut legal immigration, currently 1.1 million per year, by 300,000 to 500,000 annually. Republicans may be acting out of self-interest rather than racial animus. But if one were to devise a diabolical plan to suppress nonwhite votes, it would look much like what they are doing. – Trump Won’t Stop Trying to Keep America White, Dana Milbank, The Washington Post, 2/13/18. [Link]

Fact Check: When immigration advocates can’t make a cogent case for their position, they commonly default to race-baiting. In an obviously insincere effort to appear fair, Milbank says that Republicans may not be acting out of racial animus—and then suggests that they have a diabolical plan to do just that.

Is it just possible that there might be some sound reasons to cut legal immigration which have nothing to do with hostility—reasons which should appeal to any sensible person? Indeed there are. Let’s begin with the simple numbers. If the current trends continue, our current population of 325 million will increase to 438 million. Eighty-two percent of that increase will be due to immigrants and their descendants.

Do we really want to grow this much—and most particularly—so fast? It’s not as if we have too little traffic gridlock, too little urban congestion and too little sprawl. Do we really want to live in an ant-hill society, like some places in Asia, where our American tradition of wide-open spaces is only a memory? We might legitimately question whether our already stressed infrastructure can withstand a flood tide of more than 110 million people in the next 30 years. And we should consider the likely impact of that flood tide on our natural resources and environment.

Then there’s the issue of national unity. Shouldn’t we digest the diversity we have instead of trying to devour more?  The type of diversity we’re developing is not our strength, despite what the silly propaganda slogan says. Solid research indicates that diversity is weakening the ties that bind us, even if its author tries to hide his finding. With less immigration and more assimilation, racial and ethnic relations in the U.S. might actually improve.

If Mr. Milroy wants to find some real racial agendas, he need look no farther than the mass immigration movement he espouses. Leading cases in point are Latino supremacists who want immigration to boost their ethnic clout at the expense of other Americans. They are prominent well-heeled. One is Congressman Luis Gutierrez (R-IL), the most outspoken advocate of illegal aliens in he House. He once stated, “I have only one loyalty and that’s to the immigrant community.” That evidently leaves no room for loyalty to America. Another prominent supremacist is Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor who regularly bashes immigration control. In his book, The Latino Wave, he clearly reveals his agenda for Hispanic power.

Behind these and other like-minded individuals is a well-funded network of Latino organizations that works to prevent any effective steps to curtail illegal immigration. One is the National Council of La Raza (The Race). The name says it all. Recently La Raza changed its name to make its purpose a little less obvious.

The Democratic Party finds this supremacism most congenial to its aims. A prominent Democratic strategist, Robert Creamer, revealed in his book How Progressives Can Win that amnesty for illegal aliens and mass legal immigration are the keys to his party gaining control of American politics. A party that caters to lawbreakers to get power is truly diabolical. But Republicans are far from blameless. A lot of them cater to lawbreakers for cheap labor—something pretty diabolical too.

Don’t expect The Washington Post and like-minded papers to point out these scoundrel behaviors. They’re too busy with their race-baiting.

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Feb 21

Mexicans Send Most Remittances

Mexicans working in the U.S., many of whom are illegal aliens, send home more money than any other nationality, a total of $28.1 billion a year. President Trump has proposed that these remittances be taxed to provide funds to build fencing on the Mexican border.

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Feb 20

Lawsuit Could Limit Refugee Program

A lawsuit by the state of Tennessee, if it succeeds, could allow states to get out of the federal refugee resettlement program. Don Barnett, a senior fellow of the Center for Immigration Studies and an expert on refugee policy, notes that the federal government “has shifted the fiscal burden of resettling refugees to the states, often requiring resources be taken from social services, infrastructure, schools, as well as state taxpayer priorities to implement a federal program.” He adds that “This was not the intent of the Refugee Act passed in 1980 and likely violates the 10th Amendment.”

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Feb 19

Orban Calls for Alliance

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has called for a global alliance against mass migration. With reference to Muslim migration to Europe, he affirmed that “Christianity is Europe’s last hope. [With migration] our worst nightmares can come true. The West falls as it fails to see Europe being overrun.”

He added that that the greatest threat to the West from from Western elites who want to force mass migration on their respective countries. He specifically mentioned George Soros, multi-billionaire currency speculator who uses his wealth to undermine the sovereignty of Western nations.

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Feb 16

Senate Votes Against Amnesty Bills

The Senate on Thursday voted down bills granting amnesty for illegal aliens in the “dreamer” category. The bills need 60 votes to pass. One bill proposed amnesty for almost two million dreamers along with allocating $25 billion for increased border security. It failed to pass by a vote of 55 in favor and 45 against. Another bill, endorsed by the Trump Administration, called for the amnesty while asking for much stronger concessions, including increased deportation powers, cuts to chain migration, and an end to the visa lottery. It failed with 39 votes in favor to 60 against.

On March 5th the protection from deportation that some dreamers have under the DACA program will expire. The prospect of their deportation may make amnesty supporters more willing to grant concessions.

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Feb 15

The NYT Twists Facts Again

More Misinformation from the Media:

Yet data from the Cato Institute indicates that diversity-visa holders and illegal immigrants, the groups most maligned by Mr. Trump, are far less prone to crime than native-born Americans. . . . But immigration . . . has been widely regarded as good for America and for the American dream. . . . [Immigrants] are more likely to own businesses or to start businesses than the native -born; of the 87 privately held companies currently valued at more than $1 billion, 51 percent had immigrant founders. . . . A Gallup poll last June found that 62 percent of Americans support maintaining current levels of immigration. Trump’s Backward View of Immigration, [Editorial] The New York Times, 2/7/18. [Link]

Fact Check: Immigration advocates of the media often get so caught up in their enthusiasm that they lose track of what they’re saying. A perfect example is this claim that “illegal immigrants . . . are far less prone to crime than native-born Americans.” The obvious fact is that all illegal immigrants are crime prone as violators of our immigration laws. And if they remain in the U.S. for any length of time they commonly commit other violations, including document fraud, tax evasion, and unlawful employment. These are crimes with victims.

This reality notwithstanding, the immigration pushers often claim that illegal aliens commit fewer violent crimes and crimes against property than natives. But they can’t really substantiate this claim because no agency of government keeps comprehensive records on crimes by illegal aliens. Nevertheless, what records there are often point to a higher crime rate by these unlawful residents.

One example is a recent study of records in Arizona which found that illegal aliens in the state between the ages of 15 and 35, three percent of Arizona’s population, comprise eight percent of the prison population. They comprise 13 percent of inmates convicted of first and second degree murder.

The assertion that immigrants own more businesses is one immigration pushers constantly repeat. Even so, runs squarely against statistics of the Census Bureau which show that rate of business ownership by natives and immigrants is essentially the same. The claim that immigrants started a disproportionate share of major businesses is commonly based on a statistical sleight of hand. If one of a firm’s multiple founders is an immigrant, then it is counted as having been founded by an immigrant—even though the majority of founders were natives.

A significant thing about the Gallup poll is that it made no reference to the number of immigrants coming in each year. Thus the people favoring the current level may not have realized that this level is more than one million a year. This has gone on for 25 years, creating the highest sustained wage of immigration in our history.

When a poll mentions numbers the results can be quite different. A recent Harvard-Harris poll found that 35 percent of Americans wanted an annual immigration rate of less than 250,000 and 19 percent wanted less than 500,000. Thus a majority of Americans want immigration cut in half—which is what the Trump Administration has proposed.

To say that immigration is good for America is a meaningless statement unless one specifies its quantity and character. Too much immigration divides out country, depresses wages, and stresses our infrastructure and environment. If most Americans want less immigration—and they have good reason for doing so—the editorialists of the Times should respect their American dream.

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Feb 14

Cruz Opposes Amnesty Citizenship

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) voted against the Senate considering an immigration proposal which would give amnesty recipients a pathway to citizenship. He stated that “[I]t would be a serious mistake for Congress to pass legislation that grants a path to citizenship for those here illegally. Such a policy is inconsistent with the promises that [President Trump] and Republicans have made to the voters and is in fact further to the left of President Obama’s position.”

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Feb 13

Cotton: DACA Plan Final Offer

As the Senate moves to debate immigration, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) says that the DACA proposal offered by President Trump is “[the] best and final offer that the Democrats will get.” It offers amnesty for 1.8 million illegal aliens in exchange for increased measures against illegal immigration and curbs on chain migration. Such a deal will be difficult because many Democrats want amnesty without significant concessions, and some Republicans believe that the number of proposed amnesty recipients is far too high.

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Feb 12

Columnist: GOP Senators Conspire with Democrats

Neil Munro, a columnist for Breitbart, says that cheap labor Republican senators are conspiring with Senate Democrats to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens without any significant concessions to help curb illegal immigration and reduce legal chain migration.

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