Jun 15

More Non-Citizen Immigrants Are on Welfare

A study by the Migration Policy Institute found significantly higher welfare use among non-citizen legal immigrants than native-born citizens. Of 22 million legal non-citizens, 10.3 million (47 percent) use at least one welfare program. Of 270 million natives, 32 percent draw from at least one program of public assistance.

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Jun 14

Asylum Sanity Isn’t ‘Fascism’

More Misinformation from the Media:

We still talk about American fascism as a looming threat, something that could happen if we’re not vigilant. But for undocumented immigrants, it’s already here. . . . On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decreed that most people fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence would no longer be eligible for asylum. . . .– First They Came for the Migrants, Michelle Goldberg, The New York Times, 6/11/18 [Link]

Fact Check: This writer seems to think it is “fascism” when our immigration laws are enforced. But when one considers how often illegal aliens successfully skirt those laws, one must conclude that this “fascism” is pretty mild. One example in recent years is the amnesty scam. With the advice and encouragement of their American enablers, they have increasingly managed get into the United States with bogus asylum claims.

The purpose of asylum and the related category of refugee status—long understood in international law—is to allow admission of individuals who face persecution in their home countries on such grounds as political beliefs, ethnicity, and religion. Illegal aliens game the system by petitioning for asylum when they cross our border, even though they don’t qualify for it by any of the aforementioned standards. After being released with the promise to show up for an asylum hearing, they vanish—never to be seen again—into the American population.

Under the traditional understanding of asylum the person fleeing persecution would apply for that status in the first safe country he enters after leaving his homeland. Many of the applicants at our border are non-Mexicans who have traveled through Mexico to reach our border. If what they really want is a haven from persecution, the obvious question is why don’t they apply for asylum in Mexico? The pretty obvious answer is that they are seeking, first and foremost, the economic benefits of living in the United States.

Lacking a desired income is not a legitimate reason for seeking asylum, but many migration advocates seem to think that it should be. In the meantime, they have tried to expand the qualifications as much as possible. Examples are domestic abuse and gang violence. Was the decision of Attorney General Sessions to terminate these categories really an act of “fascism.”

The attorney general argues quite well to the contrary. He affirmed that “the mere fact that a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes—such as domestic violence or gang violence—or that certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime, cannot itself establish an asylum claim. . . . [A]sylum was never intended to alleviate all problems—even all serious problems—that people face every day all over the world.”

It is simply insane to believe that our country can offer the haven of asylum to every dissatisfied person in the world. Almost as crazy is the hysteria of so-called mainstream media who depict reasonable steps to control immigration in the most hysterical terms. Controlling our border and imposing reasonable limits on immigration does not make us a second edition of the Third Reich.

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Jun 13

Amnesty Votes Scheduled

The House has scheduled two votes on amnesty bills. One is styled a “compromise” measure which may have some provisions for immigration control to offset the legalization of illegal aliens in the DACA category. The other bill being crafted by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). It is expected to conform to the goals of Republican cheap labor interests with few concessions to immigration control. Ryan once stated that he favored an “open door” immigration policy.

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Jun 12

Sessions Defines Asylum

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered immigration judges to grant asylum only when claims for it accord with “long-standing principles of immigration law.” Specifically this means that asylum is granted when people face “a reasonable fear of persecution” because of their race, religion, nationality, political views or membership in a particular social group.

In recent years, the definition has expanded to include such threats as domestic abuse and gang violence. The attorney general observed that “The mere fact that a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes — such as domestic violence or gang violence — or that certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime, cannot itself establish an asylum claim. . . . [A]sylum was never meant to alleviate all problems–even serious problems–that people face everyday all over the world.”

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Jun 11

Poll: Immigration Makes Things Worse

A CBS News YouGov Poll asked Americans if immigration had changed the community where they lived. Of those who said yes, the majority said it was for the worse. Fifty-seven percent made that assessment, while 17 percent said better, and 27 percent said neither.

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Jun 08

Tech Platforms Heed Radical Left

An investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation found that the tech platforms Facebook. Amazon, Google and Twitter solicit advice from the radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on policing “hate speech.”

This typically is speech that left-wing extremists hate. The SPLC maintains that almost all immigration control groups are either “hate groups” or are linked to “haters.” The SPLC supports mass immigration in pursuit of its Cultural Marxist agenda: destabilize  America with “diversity” so that left-wing radicals can seize power.

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Jun 07

Trump’s Policies Aren’t ‘Cruel’

More Misinformation from the Media:

The idea of using harsh policies as a deterrent to illegal immigration has been part of the Republican approach for some time. You may remember that in 2012, Mitt Romney proposed “self-deportation” as a solution to the problem, the idea being that if you make life miserable and terrifying enough for undocumented immigrants, they’d leave. Believe it or not, at the time he was intensely criticized for the remark. . . . Trump began his campaign calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists

These ideas have turned into policy. The Trump Administration has . . . done the following: . . . . Rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA] program, Barred entry from certain Muslim-majority countries. Ended temporary protected status. . . . – The Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies Are Impossibly Cruel, But That’s the Point, The Washington Post, Paul Waldman, 5/28/18 [Link]

Fact Check: The Post writer seems to think that any enforcement of immigration laws is cruelty. Perhaps he believes that the alternative of anarchy would be kindness. The idea behind “self-deportation” is that illegal aliens will go home, without mass roundups, if we simply enforce the laws against their presence in the United States. One example would be preventing their employment by requiring businesses to use the E-Verify System to check the legal status of the people it hires.

To be sure, it may inconvenience illegal aliens if they have more trouble taking American jobs and accessing social services. But that inconvenience hardly qualifies as misery and terror. Since when is it the goal of law enforcement to make lawbreakers comfortable?

The claim that President Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists is a Big Lie that the corporate media will keep on repeating no matter how many times they are corrected. What he said was that some illegal aliens from Mexico were rapists and other types of criminals. This is a true statement, one necessary to balance the media’s common claim that all illegal aliens are wonderful warm-hearted people who enrich us in every possible way.

The Trump Administration has tried to get rid of the DACA program, and that is much to its credit. DACA was a blatantly unconstitutional act by former president Obama. Under the Constitution, Congress—not the president—is delegated authority to make laws. Former President Obama ignored this division of powers and simply proclaimed amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category.

Labeling Trump’s action against DACA “cruel” is a patent absurdity. Getting rid of Obama’s illegal edict is an attempt to affirm our country’s rule of law. The president has rightly affirmed that Congress must pass the DACA program for it to be legal.

Trump’s travel ban is not a ban on Muslim immigration, as the Post writer suggests. The purpose is to identify countries with a significant presence of terrorists and to take caution before letting people from those countries come here. Not all the countries on the list are majority Muslim, and the majority of Muslim countries are not listed. The aim of the ban is national security, to prevent crime and cruelty against American citizens.

Trump’s end of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for certain foreign residents was a reasonable and long overdue step. Under TPS they were allowed to stay in the U.S. after natural disasters and other upheavals in their countries. Under the law, however, they were supposed to return home after conditions there improved. The key word is “temporary.” Nevertheless, many remained in the U.S. long after conditions in their countries had returned to normal. Some had been here for almost twenty years.

The Post writer and other immigration enthusiasts in the media attack the most basic immigration law enforcement because, it seems, they don’t really believe in the right of American citizens to determine their country’s future. They don’t seem to believe in countries at all. Can they be called patriotic Americans in any sense of the word? It’s hard to see how.

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Jun 06

Rich Donors Want Amnesty

A number of wealthy Republican donors say they will withhold contributions to Republicans if they do not pass the DACA amnesty for illegal aliens. The leader of the group is Florida billionaire Mike Fernandez who stated that “Over the last 10 years the Republican Party has received $47 million from me, in state, gubernatorial and party contributions. I’m not writing one penny to any of them anymore.”

These wealthy donors, critics change, believe that they are entitled to an endless stream of cheap illegal labor. A DACA amnesty without significant steps to increase immigration law enforcement will encourage more illegal immigration.

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Jun 05

More Job Growth for Foreigners

The May 2018 Jobs Report reveals that the employment of foreign-born workers in the U.S. grew twice as fast as that of U.S. natives. The foreign-born rate was three percent, compared with 1.5 percent for natives.  The foreign-born population in the U.S. continues to increase as the result of mass immigration. Legal and illegal immigrants are now about 14 percent of the U.S. population, or one in eight residents.

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Jun 04

DACA with Chain: Huge Increase

Many Democrats and some Republicans want to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category without ending chain migration. If this happens, it means a sharp increase increase in legal immigration because the amnestied DACA illegal aliens will be able to bring in a chain of their relatives. According to Research by the Migration Policy Institute, amnesty for 3.5 million people in the DACA category (the high end estimate) would open the doors for nine million more foreign nationals to enter the U.S.

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