Lobbyists and Money Go to Amnesty Drive

The movement to pass mass amnesty legislation next year is drawing lobbyists and money from various interest groups.  Among them on the “conservative” side are Republicans for Immigration Reform, a political action committee to give money to candidates to support amnesty, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and agricultural groups. A spokesman for the Chamber said that his organization has long had a “working relationship” with leftist groups to legalize illegal aliens.     

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Dangerous Foreign Criminals Released in U.S.

An investigation by The Boston Globe found that U.S. authorities are releasing dangerous foreign criminals into the U.S. population after they serve sentences in the U.S. These individuals are from countries that refuse to accept deportation of their citizens from our country. Critics of this policy, such as Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), have urged that the U.S. take steps against these countries to make them change their policy against accepting deportees, such as refusing to accept their diplomats. According to the Globe, the State Department has shown “little interest” in such steps.

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Illegal Aliens From Central America on the Rise

Profound shifts in economics, demographics and crime are transforming immigration patterns and causing upheaval in Central and North America. After decades in which Mexicans dominated illegal immigration to the United States, the overall number of immigrants has dropped and the profile has changed.

Although Mexicans remain the largest group, U.S.-bound migrants today are increasingly likely to be young Central Americans fleeing violence as well as poverty, or migrants from remote locales such as India and Africa who pay top smuggling fees. They journey through a gantlet of predators.

Mexico’s southern frontier has become a national security concern for U.S., Mexican and Central American leaders. Interviews with U.S. and Mexican government officials, human rights advocates and migrants by a ProPublica reporter visiting the border showed how these converging trends are raising alarms.

“It is becoming imperative and urgent to immediately initiate and develop in the next few years a serious and coordinated regional strategic plan in the areas of security, control and development to prevent this border from sliding out of control and generating an experience with enormous gravity for the region,” said Gustavo Mohar, a veteran immigration and intelligence official who ended his tenure last week as Mexico’s interior sub-secretary for migration issues.

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Wealthy Republicans Lobby for Amnesty

Shortly after the election, a group of influential Republicans announced the creation of Republicans for Immigration Reform, a super PAC designed to help GOP members of Congress who support a comprehensive immigration solution. The super PAC was created by Carlos Gutierrez, former Commerce secretary for President George W. Bush, and Charlie Spies, the treasurer of Restore our Future, the primary super PAC that backed Romney’s presidential campaign.

“There’s never been money put behind this to really have an impact and have influence and have some dollars behind the effort,” Gutierrez said. “That’s what we plan to do with the super PAC.”

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Story Doesn’t Reveal NIF’s Radical Agenda

The Washington Post ran an article (12/3/12) entitled “Pro-Immigration Conservative Activists Plan Their Strategy.”

The article describes how this group of “conservatives” and “conservative activists” met  in Washington to discuss tactics for legalizing illegal aliens. It quotes Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum (NIF) saying, “For years, conservative faith, law enforcement and business leaders have supported the need for . . . a new consensus.”  Noorani described the group as “bibles, badges and business” and added that the “pressure they bring to bear on Republicans is unique.”

Fact Check: The tenor of the article is that this is a conservative mainstream effort. But it might have provided some background on the National Immigration Forum, after noting that it was “coordinating” the gathering.

NIF is a radical leftist group that advocates amnesty for all illegal aliens without significant criminal records, and providing them with access to welfare and other public benefits. It advocates virtually unlimited legal immigration. The organization was founded in 1982 by Dale Frederick Swartz who had close ties to the National Lawyers Guild, an organization identified by Congress as “the legal bulwark of the [U.S.] Communist Party.” NIF has received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Soros is a strong supporter of mass immigration and an opponent of national sovereignty and identity. For more information on NIF and George Soros, go to www.discoverthenetworks.org.

According to the 2012 Report by NIF, bibles, badges, and business is one of its “projects.” The document states that to change ordinary citizens’ views on “immigration reform” [NIF’s term for amnesty], it helps if “people they look up to” endorse it, such as “their pastor, police chief or local business leader.”

A religious leader prominent in the “bibles, badges and business” project is Jim Wallis, a long-time left-wing activist who cheered the U.S. defeat in Vietnam and identifies Christianity with socialism. In recent years he and his organization Sojourners have embraced the cause of amnesty and mass immigration.

Like NIF, Sojourners has received funding from George Soros, a total of $325,000 between 2004 and 2007. When accused of this funding, Wallis tried to deny it, but documentation of the contributions forced him to admit the truth.

As documented in William Hawkins’ book Importing Revolution, the radical left views mass immigration as a means to disrupt American society. Some participants in bibles, badges and business may be mainstream people with good intentions. They should beware that their credibility is being used for sinister purposes.     


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Wisconsin GOP Gov. Opposes Legislation Against Illegals

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican Gov. Scott Walker says he would fight any Arizona-style immigration bill in Wisconsin.

When he was a gubernatorial candidate in 2010 Walker said he had concerns about such a law. Days later he said would he sign similar legislation in Wisconsin. His campaign manager said Walker changed his mind after doing more research.

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Catholic Bishops Demand Citizenship for Illegal Aliens

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory told the leaders that while the federal government recently acted to offer young people brought into the country as children some relief by postponing deportation and granting them work permits, the Catholic bishops will continue to advocate for comprehensive reform with more opportunities, particularly for families and those already living and working in the United States.

The bishops “will resist” any proposal that offers undocumented persons legal status without a path to become citizens, he said in a keynote address.

“We will argue against the creation of a permanent underclass in this country, where certain parts of our population do not have the rights that others do,” said Archbishop Gregory, as the crowd applauded.

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Dems Want Taxpayers to Pay Healthcare for Children of Illegal Aliens

Federal healthcare programs should cover the children of illegal immigrants, a group of House Democrats says.

Democrats are asking the Obama administration to make healthcare available to children who are able to stay in the U.S. under the deferred-action immigration policy that President Obama announced earlier this year.

 The policy — similar to the DREAM Act — allows many children of illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation, as long as they meet certain criteria.

A group of House Democrats, led by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), is now pressing the Obama administration to open federal healthcare programs to children who receive deferred action under Obama’s plan.

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Illinois Gov. Defends Licenses for Illegal Aliens

According to the Highway Safety Coalition, the pro-amnesty front group that  spearheaded SB 957, uninsured illegal immigrants are the cause of 80,000 crashes  a year in Illinois.
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Asian Immigration on the Rise

(Newser)  —  With Hispanic immigration—both legal and illegal—to the United States on the decline, Hispanic immigration last year was topped by immigrants from Asia for the first time since 1910, reports the AP in a look at new census data released today. The data also showed that the number of illegal immigrants in America dropped to 11.1 million people last year, down from its peak of 12 million in 2007. Experts say growing economies and aging populations in Latin America make it unlikely those numbers will ever hit the record-setting levels of the mid-2000s.

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