Jan 11

California Hispanic Lawmaker Seeks Driver’s Licenses for All Illegals

A week after California began issuing driver’s licenses to a select group of young illegal immigrants, a state lawmaker has proposed that licenses be provided to many others who are unlawfully in the country.

A new state  law that took effect Jan. 1 allows driver’s licenses to be issued to those given a work permit as part of an Obama administration program that suspends deportation for many people who arrived illegally as children.

Now, Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) has introduced AB 60, which would provide California driver’s licenses to anyone who can show they pay taxes, regardless of their immigration status.

Read more at the LATimes.

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Jan 11

Indiana Lawmaker Wants to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

Indiana could be following Illinois’ lead in providing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.

That’s if Indiana State Sen. Frank Mrvan of Hammond has his way.

Mrvan says he hopes to appeal to the “humanitarian side” of Hoosier Republicans.

The veteran Democrat says he knows it will be tough to push through such a bill in conservative Indiana but he’s going to try anyway.

“I was encouraged and I think it was great that Illinois passed it. I’d like to think that there’s good people on both sides,” Mrvan said. “They (Republicans) are saying they want to reach out to Latinos and this is a humanitarian way to do it.”

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Jan 10

GAO Report: Border Control Still Weak

Border control is still weak, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress. The report found that the Border Patrol apprehends only 61 percent of the foreigners who illegally cross the Mexican border. The report also stated that for more than two years the Obama Administration has not set effective standards for measuring border security.   

Read more at The Washington Times.

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Jan 10

Gun Control Drive May Weaken Push for Amnesty

The Obama Administration’s push for gun control is taking some of its focus off passage of amnesty legislation for illegal aliens. Some illegal alien advocates in Congress fear that this shift of attention could jeopardize passage of the legislation. “To say it’s not a concern would not be truthful,” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL).

Read more at Politico.  



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Jan 09

Machines Can Harvest Those Apples

Alex Nowrasteh of the libertarian Cato Institute asked in a recent article “Who Will Pick Our Apples.” The gist of the article was that Americans, according apple producers, won’t pick apples, so therefore we must have a presumably unending flow of foreigners to come here and do the work.

Fact Check: The labor shortages may be real, or they may not be. David North, a former assistant Secretary of Labor, cautions that claims of “labor shortages” resulting in “crops rotting in the fields” can’t always be taken at face value. Usually these are claims of growers unverified by outside sources. Sometimes the reality is much more complex. Source: Caution: Watch for Farmers’ Fibs on “Labor Shortages” www.cis.org 1/12

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume that we truly don’t have enough apple pickers. Does this mean that we will never have any alternative to admitting a generally low-paid foreign workforce? Not really. Suppose someone in the 19th century had asked, “Who will pick our cotton, if we don’t have slaves or free workers whose living standards aren’t much better than those of slaves?

The answer is that we developed technology to make masses of field workers unnecessary to bring in cotton crops. The question now to ask is: why can’t we develop technology to harvest all or most of our other crops as well? As we progress into the 21st century, it seems strange to tie ourselves to a pre-technological economy of muscle, toil and sweat.

The fact of the matter is that apple harvesting technology is rapidly developing. In Washington state, where Nowrasteh cited the labor shortage, The Wenatchee Times reported (12/12/09) that “Apple harvest is moving ever closer to looking like corn, wheat and potatoes with machines starting to play bigger roles.”

One problem still to be resolved completely is developing technology that can pick apples, without bruising them, as well as the human hand. But this is now on the horizon. As noted by the Associated Press (9/6/07) “[N]ew pickers rely on advances in computing power and hydraulics that can make robotic limbs and digits operate with near-human sensitivity. Modern imaging technology also enables the machines to recognize and sort fruits of varying qualities.”

Said Derek Morikawa, who has worked with the Washington State Apple Commission to develop a fruit picker, “The technology is maturing just at the right time to allow us to do this kind of work economically.” Another economic gain is eliminating the cost to taxpayers of social services provided to foreign workers and their families. 

A key factor holding back the advance of agricultural mechanization, observes Philip Martin, a professor of agricultural and resource economics at the University of California (Davis), is “the ready availability of farm workers” at low wages. Source: www.cis.org, Backgrounder, November 2007. Consequently, slowing the flow of legal and illegal farm workers would assist mechanization.

This in the long-run would be in the interest of U.S. farmers who produce apples and other crops. Increasingly, they will have to face competition from foreign producers who have cheap labor at home, or those who are mechanizing themselves.

Technological advance has always been the American way. We lose if we stay dependent on a mode of production more appropriate to the 19th century than the 21st.     


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Jan 08

Kansas Will Consider Immigration Bills

Kansas will probably consider at least four bills during its upcoming session to crack down on illegal immigration. One of the bills would require local and state agencies, and possibly private businesses as well, to check the legal status of employees through an electronic system. Another would permit police to check the immigration status of people under certain conditions.

Read more at the The Wichita Eagle.  


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Jan 08

Chicago Mayor Wants Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is supporting state legislation that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. The bill passed the state Senate last month and will be considered in the House. Emanuel says the measure is necessary to uphold immigrants’ rights.

Read more at WLS News.


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Jan 07

Iowa Rep. Seeks End to ‘Anchor Baby’ Illegal Immigration

U.S. Rep. Steve King, a Republican who represents Iowa’s new 4th District in northwest Iowa, has begun 113th Congress by proposing federal legislation to halt immigrant “anchor babies” from automatically becoming United States citizens simply because their mothers give birth in this nation’s hospitals.

The term “anchor babies” is considered derogatory by immigration activists, while critics of federal immigration policies contend such children are routinely born here with the goal of improving the chances of the mother and other relatives of eventually securing citizenship.

Read more at the Des Moines Register here.

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Jan 07

Census Bureau May Alter ‘Hispanic’ Category on Questionnaire

Hispanics may become a race of their own in the U.S. Census — a major change that some Latino advocacy groups are opposing.

Currently, the Census considers Hispanic not a race but an ethnic background. Hispanics can be of any race, and Hispanic origin is asked on Census forms in a question separate from the one about race.

Now, the Census is considering eliminating  the Hispanic origin question and combining it with the race question in a “race or origin” category.

The change would be the biggest adjustment to Census questions about race since the 2000 Census, when people for the first time were allowed to check more than one race — a nod to the nation’s growing multiracial population.

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Jan 07

Court Says Injured Illegal Alien Entitled to Workers’ Compensation

David Gutierrez was left physically unable to work after his foot was run over by a forklift on the job at Omaha’s Quality Pork International packing house in August 2008.

Trouble is, he was not able, legally, to hold a job at the meat plant. Gutierrez was the false name assumed by illegal immigrant Ricardo Moyera when he used purchased documents to land the job in March 2007.

In a case that went to the Nebraska Supreme Court, Moyera’s employers argued that they should not have to pay an estimated $2 million over the rest of the worker’s life to cover his lost wages and medical costs.

On Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that Moyera, despite being an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is entitled to workers’ compensation payments through his employer for his on-the-job injury.

It was the first time the high court has held that illegal immigrants are protected by state workers’ compensation laws. The decision adopted and expanded a similar ruling made by the midlevel Nebraska Court of Appeals in 2009.

Read more at Omaha.com

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