Mar 11

California Taxpayers Forced to Give Financial Aid to Illegal Alien Students

More than 20,000 college-bound students are seeking state financial aid for the first time under California’s new Dream Act laws that allow them to get the help despite their immigration status.

While far from a complete picture, that number is the best indicator yet of how many students hope to benefit from a pair of laws that could radically change the college experience for a generation of students whose parents brought them to the U.S. illegally when they were young — the same group that has taken center stage in the national immigration reform debate.

“For many of them, it’s a game-changer,” said Meng So, who coordinates UC Berkeley’s months-old Undocumented Student Program.

As college-bound high school graduates await word of their state financial aid — Cal Grants — other kinds of help have begun to flow for students already enrolled in public colleges and universities.

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Mar 11

Report: Dems & GOP Senators Agree on How to Implement Amnesty

Eight senators who have spent weeks trying to write a bipartisan bill to overhaul immigration laws have privately agreed on the most contentious part of the draft — how to offer legal status to the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

According to aides familiar with the closed-door negotiations, the bill would require illegal immigrants to register with Homeland Security Department authorities, file federal income taxes for their time in America and pay a still-to-be-determined fine. They also must have a clean law enforcement record.

Once granted probationary legal status, immigrants would be allowed to work but would be barred from receiving federal public benefits, including food stamps, family cash assistance, Medicaid and unemployment insurance.

The group’s current draft is largely in line with President Obama‘s call to set a pathway to earned citizenship as part of a broader immigration reform package…

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Mar 08

Hispanic Majority Supports Gay Immigration Rights

Contrary to the socially conservative image of Hispanics, polls show that  large majorities of Hispanic voters support immigration rights for homosexuals and gay marriage. A poll by Latino Decisions asked if homosexual citizens should be allowed to petition for their same-sex foreign partners to live in the U.S., as heterosexual married citizens can now petition for their foreign spouses. Sixty-four percent of Hispanics in the survey said yes, compared with 45 percent of the general population as shown by a  HuffPost/YouGov poll .

Exit polls last November found that 59 percent of Hispanic voters favored legalization of gay marriage in their states, compared with 48 percent of voters overall. 

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Mar 08

God Supports Amnesty? Hardly

A group of Evangelical Christians, the Evangelical Immigration Table, is pushing the notion that God supports amnesty and that it is unchristian to oppose amnesty. This organization, apparently well-funded, is carrying its message to conservative churches across the country as well as lobbying lawmakers to support amnesty.

Fact Checker: Passages in the Old Testament calls on ancient Israel to welcome strangers (foreigners). Citing these passages, the Evangelical Immigration Table suggests modern America must welcome everyone who wants to come here—regardless of the consequences such a policy might have—including the replacement of our national culture and identity with multicultural chaos.

Such a claim represents a total misreading of the Old Testament, which repeatedly maintains that Israel was to keep her spiritual and national identity. The passages about welcoming the stranger must be read within that context.

Specifically, strangers were required to obey the laws of Israel as long as they remained in the country. They weren’t given latitude to come and change the country to their liking. In point of fact there was little immigration in ancient Israel, as we understand that term today, i.e., foreigners entering a land and eventually becoming full citizens.

The strangers in Israel were mainly of two types: 1) Sojourners, i.e., people passing through, the equivalent of temporary visa holders today. 2) Long-term foreign residents without all the privileges of full citizenship. The laws governing these groups suggest in no way, then or now, that foreign lawbreakers have a divine right to legal status and citizenship.

While advocating amnesty the Evangelical Immigration Table also claims that it upholds the rule of law and secure borders. Such a claim is irresponsible at best and duplicitous at worst. How can one uphold the rule of law when one proposes to reward those who break the law by making them citizens? And how can we have secure borders when we encourage people, by rewarding them, to ignore our borders.

It may be that some of the Table’s key leaders are not solely influenced by the calling of Christian ethics. One is Jim Wallis, a radical leftist who cheered Communist regimes during the Cold War. He identifies the Christian gospel with socialism, and his organization, Sojourners, has received substantial funding from billionaire George Soros. The latter is a globalist who opposes immigration control, evidently as part of his campaign to diminish U.S. sovereignty.

Other leaders are Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. Land is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and organization of U.S. elites who are partial to global government. Rodriguez has  maintained that “We [Hispanics] have a more complete vision of the gospel.”

The Evangelical Immigration Table seems certain that it speaks for God. Much more likely, it simply speaks for itself.

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Mar 08

Thanks to Lenient Feds, Illegal Aliens Happy to Surrender, Expect Release

McALLEN — Illegal immigrants have started surrendering to local Border Patrol agents after crossing the Rio Grande, convinced they’ll be released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which recently turned hundreds of immigrants loose to save money.

In preparation for the sequester — federal spending cuts forced by Congress’ inability to reach a budget deal — ICE released several hundred low-risk illegal immigrants from detention centers last month and placed them on supervised released instead. The news reached illegal immigrants preparing to cross the border.

“These are people that are just voluntarily turning themselves in to our agents with the expectation they’ll be released,” said Border Patrol Agent Paul Perez, president of the Rio Grande Valley union of the National Border Patrol Council. “When you cross with the expectation that you’ll be released, there’s no need to hide, there’s no need to run. You just look for a uniformed agent and turn yourself in.”

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Mar 08

Hispanic GOP Honcho Threatens Anti-Amnesty Congressional Republicans

A pro-immigration Republican super-PAC led by former Commerce Secretary  Carlos Gutierrez could support primary challenges against GOP lawmakers who take  a hard line on the issue.

 Gutierrez, the head of the newly formed  Republicans for Immigration Reform, told The Hill that his group’s main push  will be to give cover to Republicans who support immigration reform.

But if anti-immigration Republicans face their own primary challenges,  Gutierrez said, he’d take a hard look at spending against them as well.

“We focus primarily on ‘take the vote now and we’ll support you.’ Those who  don’t take the vote who get attacked by primary challengers who would have voted  for it — that’s a very interesting question,” he said. “That’s also a  possibility.”

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Mar 08

Florida Pols Consider Discount Tuition for Illegal Aliens

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —         A measure that allows in-state college and university tuition rates for certain U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants is now moving through the Legislature.

House Speaker Will Weatherford promised in his opening day speech to back the legislation. And on Wednesday a House panel unanimously approved the bill.

The legislation comes months after a federal court decision invalidated state college and university rules that require higher tuition rates to Florida-residents who are U.S. citizens but dependent on illegal immigrant parents.

Past efforts to pass similar bills in the last decade, however, have failed. Last year one bill died on a tie vote in a Senate committee despite emotional testimony.


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Mar 08

Hispanic Conservative Backs Amnesty Even If It Won’t Help GOP

At least one Republican leader on immigration in the House is ready to allow President Obama and Democrats to take credit for any reform efforts that might pass this year.

“I think my party understands it’s not going to get any political capital from this, but it’s something we need to do,” Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho told National Journal Daily in a brief interview.

Labrador, an archconservative who voted against Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, for speaker, is the go-to guy on immigration for the rank-and-file budget hawks and tea-party members of the House. It’s safe to say that nothing will pass the chamber without at least a tacit nod from him.

Labrador favors some type of legalization for undocumented immigrants (but no special path to citizenship) and giving employers easier access to foreign labor. In other words, he’s ready to strike an immigration deal if liberals will work with him.

That’s why Labrador was so impressed Tuesday when just such a liberal, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., went out of his way to praise the Republicans who control the Judiciary Committee for seeking input from a variety of stakeholders. “That hasn’t always been the case,” Gutierrez said, referring to a long-held congressional practice in which the majority party stacks hearings with partisan witnesses.

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Mar 07

Obama Seeks Tech Support for Amnesty

The Obama Administration is seeking to enlist high tech companies in its drive for amnesty, specifically by offering them greater access to foreign workers. The word from the administration is that the companies will have to support amnesty to get the kind of immigration legislation they want.   

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Mar 07

AZ Governor Says Alien Release Was Obama’s Revenge

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said the federal government’s release of detained illegal aliens in Arizona and other states was President Obama’s way of “getting back” at Arizona for passing its immigration law.  Brewer added, “They’re releasing what we believe to be criminals, illegal aliens out of jail and into our society, not knowing who they are or what they are doing. So yeah, I do believe this is payback.”

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