Apr 28

Trump Base Concerned About Wall Delay.

Many of President Trump’s supporters are concerned about his apparent decision to delay construction of a wall on the Mexican border. That was one of his leading promises during the presidential campaign. Some observers believe that, for now at least, the base is more angry at the Republican establishment for the delay than at the president.

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Apr 27

Agriculture Can Survive Without Illegals

More Misinformation from the Media:

President Donald Trump’s hard line against immigrants in the U.S. illegally has sent a chill through the nation’s agricultural industry. . . . Immigrants working illegally in this country accounted for about 46 percent of America’s roughly 800,000 crop workers in recent years. . . . The American Farm Bureau Federation say strict immigration enforcement would raise food prices 5 to 6 percent because of a drop in supply and because the higher costs farmers could face. . . . [Agricultural employers] say that U.S.-born workers have little interest in [farm labor]. . . . While lobbying for visa and immigration reforms, agricultural workers are also looking into contingency plans such as mechanization or a switch to less labor-intensive crops. – Farmers Fear Losing immigrant Workers Under Trump Crackdown, The Washington Post, Andrew Selsky/AP. [link here]

Fact Check: This article, like many of its kind, gives the impression that our agriculture would collapse if it were not for illegal aliens. Actually, illegal aliens are not much involved in the leading crops of the U.S. farm economy, wheat, cotton, corn, soybeans, alfalfa/hay, and sorghum. Production of these crops is largely automated.

Other crops, however, still require significant manual labor, and many illegal aliens are involved in their production. Examples are apples, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, cherries, and avocados. But does this mean that illegal immigration is the only way we can ensure that they are grown and harvested? Are there any other options? Articles like this one mention such possibilities, but then try to claim that they are not feasible.

One is for farmers to raise the wages of their workers so that more U.S. residents would be willing to do them. The standard reply is that hardly anyone in the U.S. will do this work, even for higher pay and even if they did, that would drive up our food prices.

It is true that agricultural work is not something a lot of U.S. residents like to do, but to say that none will is an overstatement. After all, as this article concedes, the majority of current crop workers (54 percent) are either native-born Americans or legal immigrants. If illegal aliens were mostly eliminated, as the article notes, food prices would go up around 6 percent. But that is just temporary. In the long run, according to an Iowa State estimate, the increase would only be three percent.

That would not be a bad deal, given the overall costs of illegal immigration. Many believe that most illegal aliens are farm workers. But that is far from true, as only about five percent of them are. In reality, most don’t like the demands of farm work much more than natives. Commonly they move on from agriculture to other work in the U.S. When they leave the fields, this creates an employment vacuum which entices another surge of illegal entrants.

It’s time to break this cycle. If we can’t find enough U.S. residents to do existing farm jobs, there are still other options. Two are mentioned in passing at the end of the Post’s article. One is farmers simply switching to less labor-intensive corps. The other is mechanization. Labor-saving farm technology has made great advances in recent years. What significantly holds it back is continued reliance on illegal alien labor.

Until mechanization reaches its full potential, farmers can rely on existing guest workers programs to bring in laborers legally. Many farmers claim that the programs are too encumbered with red tape. If that is the case, they might lobby to make them easier to use.

Without a doubt there are better ways to produce and harvest crops than allowing wholesale violation of our immigration laws. But you would never know it by reading the common take on this subject in the corporate media.


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Apr 27

Judge Who Blocked Trump Sanctuary City Order Exposed As Obama Bundler

Federal Judge William Orrick III, who on Tuesday blocked an executive order signed by President Trump dealing with sanctuary cities, has been revealed to be a major donor and fundraiser for former President Obama who appointed him to the bench.

Orrick’s ruling blocked the Trump administration from denying federal funds to sanctuary cities San Francisco and Santa Clara.  Orrick raised at least $200,000 for Obama.

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Apr 26

Judge Rules against Trump

U.S. District Judge William Orrick issued a preliminary injunction against President Trump’s executive order threatening to cut federal funds to sanctuary cities. President Trump called the ruling “ridiculous,” and promised to take the case to the Supreme Court if that becomes necessary to uphold his order.

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Apr 25

ICE Raids in Texas Net 95 Illegals

Federal officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE) arrested 95 criminal aliens and other illegal aliens throughout Southeast Texas during a five-day enforcement action which ended Friday.  All of the foreigners targeted by ICE had prior criminal convictions.  82 of the 95 arrested had criminal histories that included homicide, aggravated assault, child abuse, DUI, drug trafficking, larceny, weapons possession, and illegal entry.

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Apr 24

Illegals Get Green Light in New York

The Brooklyn, New York, district attorney is one government official willing to admit he wants to release criminal illegal aliens into the general U.S. population.

Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a statement that he intends to protect some illegal alien criminals from deportation.

“Now more than ever, we must ensure that a conviction, especially for a minor offense, does not lead to unintended and severe consequences like deportation, which can be unfair, tear families apart and destabilize our communities and businesses,” he said. “I am committed to equal and fair justice for all Brooklyn residents – citizens, lawful residents and undocumented immigrants alike.”

In other words, he thinks illegal aliens should not have to obey all the laws, even though under federal law, lawful residents, including green card holders, can be deported following convictions or guilty pleas, even for minor offenses.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that all illegal aliens could face deportation, whether or not they commit additional crimes while in the U.S.

The Brooklyn DA’s office has hired two immigration attorneys to counsel staff on immigration law and to help illegals avoid detection and deportation by the federal government.

The DA’s announcement came as Mayor de Blasio continues to assert that New York City will remain a sanctuary city, despite threats of loss of funding under the Trump administration.

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Apr 24

Sanctuaries Put on Notice

The Justice Department has served notice to nine jurisdictions that they are in danger of losing federal funds if they continue their sanctuary policies, i.e., restrictions on cooperation with federal immigration law enforcement. They include, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the cities of Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, and New York, and Cook County, Illinois.

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Apr 21

Trump Disappoints on DACA

President Trump has disappointed many of his supporters by failing to end the DACA amnesty for illegal aliens who are designated “Dreamers.” In addition to that, the administration is still allowing new applicants to sign up for the amnesty which allows them to remain in the U.S. and receive work permits. As Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, observed, “During the campaign, now-President Trump had said he was going to end [DACA] on day one because [it was] an unconstitutional action by [President Obama]. And of course he’s right, it’s illegal. And they’ve done nothing to it. They’ve done absolutely nothing.”

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Apr 20

Race Card Sharks Play Their Hand

More Misinformation from the Media:

The connection between the Trump Administration and white nationalist language and rhetoric has become stunningly clear in the first 100 days of his term in office. This makes this administration the greatest threat to Latinos in generations. . . . Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions delivered a speech on the border. . . .  He decried “criminal organizations that turn cities and suburbs into warzones, that rape and kill innocent citizens and who profit by smuggling poisons and other human beings across our borders. . . . “

Curiously, the prepared speech hosted on the Department of Justice website included a sentence that he left out of his remarks. The sentence reads, “It is here, on this sliver of land, where we take our stand against this filth. . . . Sure, you could say he was technically referring to drugs and criminal gangs. But this is the same border thousands try to cross. . . . Why should a statement conflate the border with ‘filth.’ . . . The groups that propelled Trump to the presidency are no less aware of the significance of this language and the cues it relays in communicating their values. — Opinion: The Border, ‘Filth’ and White Nationalism, Stephen A. Nuno, NBC News, 4/12/07

Fact Check: The hysteria of this article is truly astounding. Is President Trump really “the greatest threat to Latinos in generations?” Certainly this doesn’t apply to the great majority of Latinos who are citizens and legal residents. The president has made it clear on a number of occasions that he considers Latino citizens to be as American as anyone else. And he has never said anything to disparage legal Latino immigrants.

Trump’s problem is with illegal aliens, many of whom are Latino, but certainly not all. The president has a particular disregard for those among them who greatly harm innocent Americans, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, feels the same way. The word “filth” in its context refers to such criminals as rapists, murders, and drug smugglers. Nuno concedes this is “technically” correct, and offers no reasons—other than his unfounded suspicions—as to why it isn’t correct period. Admittedly, it sounds harsh to call them filth, but many would say that an expression of official outrage against these crimes by uninvited foreigners is long overdue.

The real false conflating here is what Nuno tries to do when he conflates concern about lawlessness with racial and ethnic hostility. Typically, as many people on his side do, he plays the “race card” to divert attention from the wholesale violation of our immigration laws.

And do some of these card players have a racial agenda of their own? Quite often it seems so. Genuine white nationalists are pretty scarce in modern America, and they have little clout or influence. That is not the case, however, with what one might legitimately describe as “Latino supremacists,” i.e., Latinos who view unchecked illegal immigration as a means to build up the political clout of their group at the expense of other Americans. This lawless quest for power is the essence of supremacism and the antithesis of respect for civil rights.

Latino supremacists have a number of powerful advocacy groups to promote their interests. These organizations receive large sums of money from corporations and foundations. One example is the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). La Raza in Spanish means “the Race.” It usually receives favorable coverage in the media. Often the media refer to the spokesmen of such outfits as “civil rights advocates.” The absurdity is overwhelming. What they really are is race card sharks who deal from a stacked deck.

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Apr 19

Trump Calls for H-1B Reform

President Trump has issued an executive order calling for reform of the H-1B visa program. This program now enables U.S. companies to avoid hiring qualified American workers by letting them hire for foreign workers to whom they often pay lower wages than U.S. workers would receive. The president affirmed that this practice is “wrong.”

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