Mar 13

Tennessee Sues Over Refugee Costs

The Thomas More Law Center has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the state of Tennessee charging that the operation of the  federal refugee program violates the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. It does so, the suit changes, by forcing the state to support a federal program with state revenues. The Refugee Act of 1980 stated that the federal government would cover the cost of refugee resettlement, but within ten years after passage of the act Washington ceased to reimburse any of the costs to states.


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Mar 12

Media Lies About Illegal Alien Crime

The corporate media went into attack mode when President Trump announced that he was directing the Department of Homeland Security to create the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office (VOICE) to help victims of alien criminals, and also to begin providing the nation with “a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens” on a weekly basis.  The corporate media responded with one voice that “studies show” aliens commit less crime than citizens, and that the sinister real purpose of the president’s actions was to label immigrants as criminals.

In truth, impartial reports on alien crime by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveal disturbing data that the corporate media conceal.  One GAO report looked at the criminal histories of 55,322 aliens that “entered the country illegally and were still illegally in the country at the time of their incarceration.”  Those 55,322 illegal aliens had been arrested 459,614 times, an average of 8.3 arrests per illegal alien, and had committed almost 700,000 criminal offenses, an average of roughly 12.7 offenses per illegal alien.

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Mar 10

SPLC Exposed

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a cultural Marxist organization which regularly smears patriotic Americans who stand for immigration law enforcement. Often the corporate media repeat these changes without revealing the SPLC’s radical left-wing bias. Recently The Weekly Standard did an expose on the SPLC and the media.


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Mar 09

Houston Isn’t the Way to Go

More Misinformation from the Media:

An exhaustive U.S. study by the National Academy of Sciences [NAS] found that immigration didn’t drive down most wages, but it had a “very small” and temporary effect on native-born workers without a high school degree. . . . For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many Republicans prefer a dying white America to a place like, say, Houston.

Houston has very light zoning regulations, and as a result it has affordable housing and a culture that welcomes immigrants. This has made it incredibly diverse, with 145 languages spoken in the city’s homes, and incredibly dynamic — the fastest-growing big city in America recently. . . .  The large immigrant population has paradoxically given the city a very strong, patriotic and cohesive culture, built around being welcoming to newcomers and embracing the future. — The National Death Wish, David Brooks, The New York Times, 2/24/17

Fact Check: Brooks assures us that immigration doesn’t affect American wages, and most certainly it doesn’t affect the salaries of people in his well-heeled social class and punditry profession. But to claim that it has little effect on the wages of native-born American workers is not at all what the NAS study found. Specifically, it concluded that competition from immigrants reduced the wages of native workers by $493.9 billion a year. At the same time this suppression of wages provides a windfall for better-off members of society who profit from cheap labor.

Brooks’ remark about a “dying white America” is an expression of racial bigotry, one commonly expressed by left-wing elites. Brooks supposedly is a conservative, but like many conservatives today he tries to ingratiate himself with left-wing opinion. In any case, Brooks doesn’t live in Houston. Someone who does is an individual identifying himself as “JC” who recently posed the website He had a very different take on the city. He stated:

“I speak with some authority about the city of Houston. I was born here in 1950 (when it was a gracious southern city) and have lived here all of my life. David Brooks is a typical neocon idiot.

“In the 1960s, and 70s Houston was dynamic and growing, but with a population that celebrated its Texas roots and history. Now it is what Theodore Roosevelt called a “polyglot boarding house” for the world. This city has no spirit and is a multiculti nowhere land. Mr. Brooks’ vibrant immigrants, including hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, have rendered we Americans foreigners in our own land. The Houston school district schools (which I attended) are now dropout factories.

“The Third World school board voted to strip the names of Confederate heroes from schools that had born those names for over 80 years including my own Robert E. Lee High School. Whole neighborhoods now have street signs in Chinese or Vietnamese.

“Politically this demographic transformation has turned Harris County (in which Houston is located) into a liberal Democrat fiefdom. In the last election, while Texas as a whole went Republican, Harris County turned out of office every county wide Republican.

“White Anglos have fled the city and now comprise only 25 percent of the population. . . .  Brooks opinion that these people are “patriotic” is a sick joke. Mr. Brooks, you can keep your vibrant immigrants, and I’ll remember what a great American city my hometown once was before you and people like you ruined it.”

Despite Brooks’ confusion on the matter, many Republicans—watching election results—have no difficulty at all figuring why they don’t want the rest of the country to resemble Houston. Confirming JC’s observations about diversity is the research of Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam. It found that trust and civic ties are weakest in diverse cities like Houston.

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Mar 09

Immigration Drives Child Rape Epidemic

Ann Coulter’s latest column exposes the epidemic of sex crimes against children committed by immigrants — an epidemic concealed by the open borders corporate media.  In North Carolina, for an example, immigrants commit hundreds of such crimes every month.  More than 90% of the perpetrators are Hispanic.

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Mar 08

H-1B Visas Continue to Harm U.S. Workers

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin chronicles how the H-1B visa program gives U.S. tech jobs to foreign workers when qualified Americans are available to do the work.


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Mar 07

Trump Issues New Travel Ban

President Trump has issued a new travel ban from countries with links to terrorism. A federal court blocked his previous ban. The new directive differs from the previous one in the following ways: It removes Iraq from the list of countries and removes the indefinite ban on travel from Syria. It does not affect green card holders, and does not offer preference to persecuted religious minorities such as Christians when the travel ban expires after four months. His directive still retains the 50,000 cap on refugee admissions, as opposed to the 110,000 proposed by the Obama Administration.


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Mar 06

Voter Fraud Exposed in Virginia

The corporate media have dismissed President Trump’s charge that noncitizens are voting in U.S. elections, but evidence indicates that they are. In Virginia the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILP) states that “based on discoveries to date, thousands of noncitizens remain registered and eligible to vote throughout the Commonwealth.”

The PILP charges that its efforts to expose fraud face opposition from Edgardo Cortes, the top state election official appointed by Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffle. Before that appointment, Cortes organized voter registration drives for Hispanics. An article in The Washington Times about the PILP’s efforts noted the finding from polls that noncitizens “overwhelmingly for Democrats.”


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Mar 05

Trump Seeks Immigration Overhaul

President Donald Trump called for major changes in American immigration policy, including adoption of a “merit-based” system to reduce admissions of low-skilled immigrant workers, and received the backing of a least one major U.S. labor union.

“It is a basic principle that those seeking to enter a country ought to be able to support themselves financially.  Yet, in America, we do not enforce this rule,” he said in a speech to a joint session of Congress. “Switching away from this current system of lower-skilled immigration, and instead adopting a merit-based system, will have many benefits.  It will save countless dollars, raise workers’ wages, and help struggling families –- including immigrant families –- enter the middle class.”

Trump said the current open-door policy “costs America’s taxpayers many billions of dollars a year” as a result of increased use of government services by poor immigrants, and harms American workers’ wages.

“The current, outdated system depresses wages for our poorest workers, and puts great pressure on taxpayers” he said.

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor union, endorsed Trump’s call for major changes.  “This was the first time the president has talked about legal immigration being used to drive down [domestic workers’] wages. We’ve been saying that for a long time,” Trumka said.

He added that Trump’s speech was overall a “mixed bag” but praised the president for using his office to convince companies to stay in the U.S. instead of moving manufacturing overseas to take advantage of cheap labor.  The effort was worthwhile even if it only saved one job, he said.

Trump’s plan to reduce importation of millions of low-skilled foreign workers is likely to meet stiff resistance from giant corporations and left-wing Democrats.  Wall Street investors and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have long been staunch supporters of open borders that permit a flood of cheap labor into the country.  And Democrat Party operatives have been counting on incorporating millions of newly naturalized immigrant voters into their election strategies.

Trump will even run into resistance to immigration policy changes from some Republican politicians, many of whom, with backing from big business, want to legalize millions of illegal aliens already in the country by granting amnesty.

Trump said a new immigration policy that includes enforcement of laws against illegal immigration will benefit all Americans and help raise Americans’ wages. “By finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions of dollars, and make our communities safer for everyone,” he said, adding “we want all Americans to succeed –- but that can’t happen” when immigration laws are ignored.

So far, Trump has called for building a security barrier along the border with Mexico, cutting off federal grants to cities and counties that give sanctuary to illegal aliens and ordering new controls on admissions from terror-exporting Middle East countries.    But it is not yet clear whether a Republican Congress will go along with additional changes in immigration policy.

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Mar 03

Labor Leader Endorses Trump Position

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka endorsed President Trump’s view, expressed in in speech to Congress, that legal immigration depresses U.S. wage levels. Trumka stated, “This was the first time the president has talked about legal immigration being used to drive down [domestic workers’] wages. We’ve been saying that for a long time.” In 2013 the AFL-CIO endorsed the “Gang of Eight” bill which would have increased legal immigration substantially if it had passed. Perhaps Trumka’s statement reflects a changing viewpoint.


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