Dec 07

The System Is ‘Out of Whack’ for Workers

More Misinformation from the Media:

We’ll stipulate that it’s not in the country’s interests to have 11 million people living here without the blessings of our government. . . .  But throwing them out would make things worse than better. . . . The immigration system exists to maintain an orderly flow of workers to meet the nation’s labor needs. That balance has been out of whack for decades. Immigrants break our laws to work here . . . because the system doesn’t allow enough of them to fill the jobs where they are needed most. . . . The solution to illegal immigration is [more] legal immigration. . . . Immigrants here illegally . . . are concentrated in industries that desperately need them now – agriculture, construction, hospitality and caregiving. And no, Americans are not lined up to take these jobs, especially with unemployment less than five percent.

[Illegal immigrants] pay . . . $11.6 billion in state taxes. . . . More than half of them file income tax returns. – Trump’s immigration crackdown is a costly mistake: America Needs These Workers, Editorial Board, Chicago Tribune, 2/24/17 [Link]

Fact Check: So enforcing our laws will “make things worse?” That may be the case for business interests seeking cheap labor. But it would make things better for American workers, particularly those with lower incomes who suffer wage depression because of competition from foreign workers.

The late labor economist Vernon Briggs of Cornell University once observed that high immigration serves business, and low immigration serves workers. As a consequence, he said that our society should allow immigration to rise and fall periodically so that both sides can benefit. But that’s not what we’ve had for the past half century.

It’s strange to claim we need more legal immigrants. Since 1965 we’ve had an unrelentingly high level of legal immigration, and for the past 25 years it has been at the highest sustained level in our history. All the while, illegal immigration has surged too. According to the Tribune, this flow helps to “meet the nation’s labor needs.” But Instead of saying the nation’s needs, the Tribune would be more honest to say the needs of business. But what about the needs of labor? Ignoring the interest of labor in immigration policy is what’s really been out of whack for decades. Since 1965, interestingly enough, wage levels in the U.S. have stagnated.

There will be labor shortages when wages are too low to attract workers. The Tribune mentions construction, which in the past one paid good wages and provide a middle class standard of living. But those wages have declined with the rise of immigration. In effect, lower wages in construction have made it a job that some Americans no longer want to do.

The official low level of unemployment significantly understates the problems faced by working Americans. It does not include people who have either given up looking for work or those who can’t find full-time employment and have to settle for part-time jobs which commonly are low-paying. Native-born Americans are available to work, and there are few jobs they won’t do. They comprise the majority of workers in almost every occupation.

Another reason to doubt the worker shortage myth is that in the very-near future a high percentage of jobs now done by people will be automated. Agriculture is one area where mechanization may eliminate the alleged need for illegal workers.

A recent study estimates that as many a third of working Americans could be displaced by automation by the year 2030. In that situation, we could well face a shortage of jobs for workers rather than a shortage of labor.

The Tribune is correct to state that illegal aliens pay taxes, although half of them are paid under the table and pay no state and federal taxes at all. In any case, what illegal immigrants pay in taxes is only significant in terms of what they receive in tax-paid benefits. And in fact, what they receive is greater than what they pay, which makes them a fiscal liability.

It’s unfortunate that the Tribune’s editorial board members have so little empathy with the needs and concerns of American workers. Perhaps they would if illegal aliens were taking jobs as editorial writers.

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Dec 06

A Third of U.S. Jobs May Be Automated

The Mckinsey Global Institute issued a report which forecasts that as many as a third of jobs in the U.S. now done by people will be automated. This is one of many recent studies which predict a high level of automation displacing workers in the near-future. Despite these forecasts, immigration advocates keep claiming that we are facing a shortage of workers.


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Dec 05

Supreme Court Upholds Trump Ban

The Supreme Court has allowed President Trump’s travel ban on countries with terrorist ties to go into effect while legal challenges against the ban are still pending. The countries are Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Chad.


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Dec 04

McConnell Endorses Raise Act

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has endorsed the Raise Act, proposed legislation sponsored by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), which would sharply reduce legal immigration. It would do so by curbing “chain migration,” the practice of allowing immigrants to bring in their extended family members, who in turn bring in their families in an ongoing chain.

McConnell stated in one interview that “I agree with Cotton and Perdue. I think the kinds of things [they] are pushing are exactly what ought to be part of a solution.” In another interview he stated, “I think the mood of our caucus is that ending chain migration is a top priority.”


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Dec 01

DACA Amnesty Would Bring in Two Million More

If Congress passes the DACA amnesty for 700,000 illegal aliens, they will–under existing law–be able to sponsor two million of their relatives to live in the U.S. Many argue that the DACA aliens should be allowed to stay because they did not choose as children to break U.S. law. They were brought in by their parents who make the decision to enter illegally. Nevertheless, those parents would be among the relatives that the DACA recipients could sponsor as legal residents.


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Nov 30

Poland Has It Right

More Misinformation from the Media

Ever since the Law and Justice Party [of Poland] won both the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2015, Poland has been undergoing a disturbing political transformation. . . . [T]he party bet that latching onto the refugee crisis would give it purchase on the necessary votes to win. . . . One of the first institutions the party hijacked was public television. It feeds viewers nonstop propaganda about the mounting threat to Poland’s sovereignty from the European Union. . . . Those refugees present a threat to our way of life, the government and the press insist. . . . Poland’s leaders have let an evil genie out of the bottle. What we’re witnessed on the streets of Warsaw represents a threat not only to liberal democracy in Poland but also the stability and welfare of the European Union.  – Poles Cry for ‘Pure Blood’ Again, The New York Times, Jan Gross, 11/16/17

Fact Check: It’s bad enough when The New York Times wants to push virtual open borders and mass immigration on America, but it’s even more outrageous when this newspaper presumes authority to push the same agenda on other countries.

The article above makes reference to the recent Independence March in Warsaw, Poland, where 60,000 people paraded through the city to celebrate Polish heritage—and maintain it. The official slogan of the March was “We Want God.” According to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the March was a predominately mainstream affair. Nevertheless, some fascists and neo-Nazis were among the marchers—and the Times writer focused on these.

The writer strongly suggests that Law and Justice Party is cynically taking advantage of popular sentiment against mass migration. But are politicians necessarily being cynical when they respond to the will of the people. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do in a democratic society?

Supposedly it’s “non-stop propaganda” when the Polish media honestly point out the dangers that the European Union and mass migration pose to Poland and the other nations of Europe. But the Polish people don’t need the media to know about those dangers, particularly with respect to migration. All they have to do is look at neighboring Germany where the Merkel regime has flooded the country with so-called refugees.

That migration has brought high expense to German taxpayers, disrupted society, caused a considerable increase in crime. Nevertheless, the regime seems more inclined to harass citizens who protest the crimes rather than prosecute the criminals. The German media produce “non-stop propaganda” in favor of immigration—just as most of the American media, including the Times, do here.

If any evil genie has escaped it is the growing despotism of the European Union, with its unelected bureaucrats in Brussels trying to force mass immigration and other policies on the whole of Europe. According to the Times writer, Poland’s resistance to this agenda is a “threat to liberal democracy.” One must conclude that this variety of so-called democracy has little in common with rule by the people. It appears to be an arrangement where elites decide what the people should want.

If it is true that Poland’s stand is a threat to the stability and welfare of the European Union, one can only hope that this threat will increase, not only in Poland but throughout all of Europe.

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Nov 29

West Europeans Flee to the East

A growing number of Western Europeans are fleeing  the “failed multicultural project” in their homelands to find refuge in Hungary and other Eastern European countries. One German real estate agent stated that “Eight in ten people who call me say that they want to leave Germany because of its migrant policy.” Hungary, under its Prime  Minister Viktor Orban, has refused to permit mass settlement of Muslim immigrants. A Dutch refugee in Hungary praised Orban saying that “[He] puts Hungarians first and Hungary’s excellent border controls make our fear of terror almost absent.”


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Nov 28

Report: Gutierrez Is Stepping Down

According to Chicago TV station NBC 5, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is leaving Congress. Gutierrez has been one of the most outspoken advocates in the House for amnesty and other benefits for illegal aliens. He once stated, “I have only one loyalty, and that is to the immigrant community.” As that statement didn’t distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants, it implies that Gutierrez is loyal to foreign lawbreakers, but not to the United States.


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Nov 27

‘Huge Push’ Planned for DACA

Members of Congress, mostly Democrats, are launching a “huge push” to pass amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category before the end of the year, according to McClatchy Washington Bureau.  Assisting them will be cheap labor business interests which will set up a “war room” in Washington to coordinate the effort.  Among the business groups is Partnership for a New American Economy, an organization founded by pro-immigration billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Robert Murdoch.

To put additional pressure on Congress, contingents of illegal aliens and their supporters will converge on Washington to stage rallies and sit-ins.


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Nov 22

Citizenship Matters

More Misinformation from the Media:

Throughout American history, protests have played a key role in many advocacy movements for just causes – from the abolitionist fight against slavery, to the women’s suffrage movement. . . . Because the passage or failure of the Dream Act will determine the future of so many young people, it makes perfect sense for those affected and their allies to engage in all manner of nonviolent advocacy.

In addition, it’s not correct to call undocumented immigrants the pejorative term “illegal,” because it is not a crime to be in this country without documentation. – it’s a civil offense. Acts can be illegal, but people can’t. For example, getting a speeding ticket means that a person has driven faster than the legal speed limit – it does not mean the driver is illegal.

America is the only nation in the world with a statue in our most prominent harbor inviting the world to ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ Those words engraved on the Statue of Liberty should mean something, and not simply be an empty slogan. – Protests in Support of Undocumented Immigrants Are Part of a Proud American Tradition, Fox News, Rev. Ryan M. Eller, 11/19/17 [Link]

Fact Check: Throughout history American citizens have organized and protested for various causes—and petitioned their elected officials. The key word is “citizens.” The writer of this piece, like so many immigration advocates, doesn’t seem to grasp the meaning of this word. He equates the activism of U.S. citizens with the recent protest by a group of illegal aliens and their supporters at a U.S. Senate office building. The goal of the protest was to pressure to Senate to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

The comparison is outrageous. Here we have a group of foreigners, residing illegally in the United States, trying to tell our elected officials how to run our country.

The writer says that it is not a “crime” to be here without “documentation.” But the reason they lack legal documents is because they are here illegally. In many cases, it is true, the presence of illegal aliens is a civil rather than a criminal offense, but this is legal hair splitting. Their presence is still a violation of the law, and the penalty for that violation is deportation. That consequence suggests the offense is far more serious than speeding—usually punished with a relatively small fine.

Furthermore, whether the simple presence of illegal aliens is civil or criminal, almost all illegal aliens break additional laws in order to remain in the U.S., and many of these are classified as criminal offenses. Examples are document fraud and tax evasion.

The writer’s use of the “huddled masses” quote is so tiresome and typical of immigration advocates. Rather than deal with genuine problems stemming from mass immigration, they deflect debate with sentiments from the Statue of Liberty poem. Nevertheless, this ploy by the writer actually backfires on his intent to justify illegal immigrants. Historically, the huddled masses welcomed by the Statue of Liberty were people who were processed for admission at Ellis Island. They came here legally.

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