Oct 03

DOJ Will Sue Company for Discrimination

The Department of Justice announced that it will sue Crop Production Services, Inc. for discriminating against American workers by using H-1B visas to hire foreign workers.

In a statement announcing the lawsuit, Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared “In the spirit of President Trump’s Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American, the Justice Department will not tolerate employers who discriminate against U.S. workers because of a desire to hire temporary visa holders.

“The Justice Department will enforce the Immigration and Nationality Act in order to protect U.S. workers as they are the very backbone of our communities and our economy. Where there is a job available, U.S. workers should have a chance at it before we bring in workers from abroad.”

Read more at justice.com.

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Oct 02

CA Bill Violates Federal Authority

The bill passed by California’s Legislature making that state a sanctuary state, violates federal authority over immigration policy, says a recent article from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). Along with preventing cooperation between public agencies and federal law enforcement, the bill also imposes legally questionable restrictions on private employers. California Gov. Jerry Brown has not yet signed the measure into law, but he is expected to do so.

Read more at cis.org.

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Sep 29

Billionaires Push Amnesty

Billionaires Rupert Murdoch and former New York Mayor Michel Bloomberg have endorsed the amnesty legislation proposed by Sen.James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC). Their legislation would offer legal status and an eventual path to citizenship to 3.3 million illegal aliens. With the chain migration provisions now existing in immigration law these amnestied aliens could petition to bring in millions more of their relatives.

John Binder, a writer for Breitbart, observed that “For Murdoch and Bloomberg . . . amnesty . . . means not only more consumers for corporate interests, but cheaper labor as corporate profits look to gain the most from mass immigration.”

Read more at breitbart.com.

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Sep 28

We Won’t Starve Without Illegal Aliens

Farmers from Georgia to California say they have a problem: not enough workers to harvest their crops. It’s estimated anywhere from half to three-quarters of farm workers are in this country illegally, and some growers say that President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has made a chronic worker shortage even worse. . . . What’s behind the farmworker shortage? [One] Factor: The children of migrants are upwardly mobile, and are leaving the fields behind. . . . [Farm manager quoted]: “I was very disappointed that Michigan voted for [Trump]. We need someone who supports agriculture in this country, someone who supports diversity. . . . Without migrant workers to pick the crops . . . there wouldn’t be food. It’s just as simple as that. – ‘They’re Scared’: Immigration Fears Exacerbate Migrant Farmworker Shortage, npr.com, Melissa Block, 9/27/17. [Link]

Fact Check: Some claim that illegal aliens are essential to our food production, so therefore we cannot afford to deport them. Some might draw such a conclusion from this article. For the sake of truth and clarity, however, it’s important to note that less than five percent of illegal aliens are involved in agriculture. Thus we could send more than 95 percent of them home, and it would have no effect on food production at all.

But are illegal aliens so necessary for agriculture that we have to have them stay? No, there are other alternatives. One partial remedy is for growers to improve wages and working conditions so that more Americans will do farm work. Illegal aliens really don’t like the wages and conditions either, which is why they or their children take other work as soon as they can. As they move on this sets up an unending cycle of new illegal aliens coming to replace the previous ones.

Another possibility for the immediate future is employment of foreign guest workers. We already have a federal program, the H-2A provision, which allows growers to bring in guest workers from abroad. Many growers complain, however, that H-2A is cumbersome to use. If that is the case, one wonders why they don’t invest at least as much time in lobbying to reform it as they do in lobbying against effective steps against illegal immigration. Could it be that it’s simply more convenient for them to hire illegal aliens than it is to abide by any kind of government regulation? Or do some of them, like the one quoted in the NPR article, want “diversity” as much as they want workers?

More and more, Americans are tired of illegal immigration, and this a reality that growers must accept. They should consider further steps to end their dependency on illegal aliens. One might be to raise crops that are less labor intensive than the one they’re raising now. Another with the best potential of all for solving the problem is employing machinery to plant and harvest. The technology of farm mechanization is rapidly advancing, and can now accomplish tasks once thought impossible.

Reliance on illegal immigration for farm work is holding back this advance of technology which will make food production more efficient than ever. It’s time for this impediment to end.

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Sep 28

Chain Policy Pushes Immigration

Chain migration is the policy that pushes mass immigration. Under it, family connections rather than skills are the basis for most immigrants coming to the United States. An immigrant who comes to the U.S. can petition to bring in his extended family members who in turn can bring in their extended family — and on and on in a seemingly unending chain. A study by the Center for Immigration Studies found that each legal immigrant, on average, sponsors three additional immigrants. Mexican immigrants, on average, sponsor six.

If Congress passes an amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category, they will be able to initiate chains of immigration. Passage of the RAISE Act, sponsored by Sen Tom Cotton (R-AR), would mitigate this reward for their lawbreaking by sharply cutting the migration chains.

Read more at washingtonexaminer.com.

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Sep 28

White House Insiders Try to Sabotage Trump’s Immigration Reforms

President Trump’s Domestic Policy Council has drafted a pro-American immigration reform strategy, but it is already being undermined by cheap labor Republicans — some inside the White House.  The business-first GOPers want the president to agree to a mass amnesty for over 3 million so-called “Dreamer” illegal aliens without the border wall and other pro-America immigration reforms.

Read more here:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/09/27/nyt-times-white-white-houses-immigration-reform-draft/

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Sep 27

Trump to Cut Refugees

President Trump has decided to limit admissions of refugees to the U.S. next year to no more than 45,000. This will be the lowest level of refugee admissions since 1980. Immigration reformers say that this reduction is long overdue. Among other reasons, it is much more cost effective to resettle refugees in countries near their homelands than bringing them to the United States.

Read more at chicagotribune.com.

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Sep 22

Chamber of Commerce Urges Amnesty

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the Trump Administration demanding speedy passage of amnesty for the 800,000 illegal aliens in the DACA category. The letter makes no mention of reform to prevent those amnestied aliens from bringing in chains of their relatives. Nor does it endorse measures to prevent illegal immigration in the future. The Chamber commonly lobbies on behalf of businesses seeking cheap labor.

Read more at breitbart.com.

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Sep 21

Immigration Won’t Save Rust Belt

More Misinformation from the Media:

The Rust Belt states that tipped the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump could be the biggest losers from the proposed reductions in legal immigration that he has endorsed, according to a new study released Monday. The study, from the nonpartisan Chicago Council on Global Affairs, concludes that immigration has been “a demographic lifeline” that has helped several Midwestern cities partially reverse decades of population loss among native-born residents.

“For the cities of the Midwest, restricting current immigration levels is the last thing they need: an unnecessary tourniquet applied to a precious supply of new regional residents and workers,” reads [the study]” – The Rust Belt Needs Legal Immigration, The Atlantic, Ronald Brownstein, 9/17 [Link]

Fact Check: This is one of those innumerable articles that pitches immigration as a marvelous snake oil elixir which can cure all the economic ills of man and beast. No matter what the economic problem, these pitchmen offer immigration as the quick fix panacea. Do you have a rust belt? Don’t worry. Immigration can make it shiny new.

As far as the mentioned study goes, it’s a good idea to consider the source. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs appears to be one of those globalist outfits with a strong disposition toward immigration flowing freely across a world of diminished borders.

A better way to assess the needs and prospect of “Rust Belt” cities is to ask what caused them to lose their industrial might. Often the reason was “free trade” legislation that caused industries to pull out of America in search of cheap labor and lax regulation abroad. With the jobs they provided gone, it is understandable that people left. Also encouraging flight were high taxes and other liberal policies which made life unpleasant for the middle class.

Some of these places have received a large number of immigrants, but they are still pretty rusty. And how could it be otherwise when the industrial jobs are no longer there. Immigration enthusiasts claim that immigrant geniuses will create numerous jobs. But the reality is that legal immigration which primarily selects for family ties rather than skills is not bringing us the cream of the crop.

One researcher notes that our immigration policy is one of “importing poverty.” Immigrant-headed households are much more likely to receive welfare benefits than native-headed households. The enthusiasts never explain how importing poverty and welfare dependency are supposed to revitalize our economy. A definite economic drawback to this policy is that many of these immigrants tend to support the Democratic Party – which leans against business.

A perfect example is California where mass immigration has significantly helped to create a one-party Democratic state. The result is overregulation and a generally bad business climate which has prompted many businesses to flee to other states. Before mass immigration, California was a solid middle-class state with excellent opportunities for upward mobility. Today, it increasingly has a classic Third World economic profile, with a few well-to-do people at the top and lots of poor and relatively poor people at the bottom. California currently has the highest poverty rate in the nation.

Back to the Rust Belt, the best way to deal with its problems is to encourage re-industrialization, with pro-business policies and an end to the unfair competition to U.S. firms imposed by “free trade” policies. In the meantime, there is much that rust areas can do to improve themselves. A good example is the city of Pittsburgh, which after a sharp industrial decline, reinvented itself as a vital center of high tech and health services. Most notably, it did so without much immigration. Today, the foreign-born population of the city is only 3.8 percent.

One can be sure, however, that the immigration lobbies and their media friends will not budge a bit from claiming that immigration cures everything. What they peddle is pure snake oil.

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Sep 20

Sessions Denounces Sanctuaries

Attorney General Jeff Sessions criticized Portland, Oregon, and other sanctuary cities for “believing they are above the law.” By their refusal to cooperate with federal immigration authorities to remove illegal alien criminals, said Sessions, police in these cities “may be forced to release pedophiles, rapists, murderers, drug dealers and arsonists back into communities where they had no right to be in the first place. He added that “They should, according to law and common sense, be processed and deported.” The attorney general also defended the Trump Administration’s proposal to cut selected federal grants to sanctuary cities.

Read more at oregonlive.com.

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