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Founded in 1983, AIC Foundation has become a prominent national voice for immigration reform. Of particular concern to us is illegal immigration, primarily across the Mexican border, which adds a large burden of numbers to our already excessive legal quotas. This sustained lawlessness weakens our rule of law and puts the future of our country in jeopardy.

The American Immigration Control Foundation (AIC Foundation) is a non-profit research and educational organization. Our primary goal is to inform Americans of the need for a reasonable immigration policy based on the nation’s interests and capacity to assimilate newcomers. AIC Foundation is the nation’s largest publisher and distributor of publications on America’s immigration crisis. As a nonprofit organization, we offer these publications at modest or reduced prices to allow widest possible readership.
AIC Foundation publishes pamphlets, monographs and books by respected authors and scholars on many aspects of immigration including history, law, culture and demography. Our educational materials are made available to supporters, educators, the news media and interested citizens. AIC Foundation accepts no government funding and relies on the voluntary contributions of concerned citizens across the U.S.A. Contributions to AIC Foundation are tax-deductible.
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